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Thank you for your interest in the UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Music. Please read the information below carefully, then fill out the Audition Registration Form.

Note: Students interested in music need to complete two different applications:

  1. Your application to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions
  2. An online audition registration form found in the Undergraduate Scholarship portion of the Department of Music website

Please remember to do both.

If you are a prospective first-year student, we encourage you to apply to UNC by the Early Action application deadline (date TBA). This gives the Department of Music the best chance to advocate for you based on your musical achievements. If you are a prospective transfer student, please be sure to apply to UNC by the 2020 transfer application deadline. Regardless of your family’s current financial situation, be sure to also submit the following financial aid forms by March 1: the FAFSA and the CSS Profile.

About Scholarships And The Audition Process

Each year the Music Department awards scholarships to undergraduates who intend to major in music. Typically some 15 incoming students a year receive scholarship aid from the Department of Music. In addition, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions allows our Department to recommend a limited number of students for special admissions consideration on the basis of demonstrated talent. These will be students whose superior musical achievement and potential will be considered in addition to their academic records. Students must audition to be considered for a scholarship award and/or special admissions consideration.

Kenan Music Scholars Program

Thanks to a generous donation from the William R. Kenan Charitable Trust, four incoming students are selected each year to be Kenan Music Scholars. Finalists for the Kenan Music Scholars Program are selected through the normal audition process. The finalists are invited back for an extensive two-day event on February 21 & 22, 2021. Scholars are chosen on the basis of an established record of excellence in the practice of music (performance, composition, etc.), significant academic strengths, a desire to attend a liberal arts university, and a strong commitment to majoring in music at UNC. Kenan Music Scholars receive a full scholarship for four years (tuition, fee, room, board), plus additional support for summer research and similar activities. They also benefit from special activities uniting work on the concert stage and the classroom with distinguished visiting artists and faculty from the Department of Music.

For more information on the program, visit its website.

UNC’s Office of Student Aid

Nearly half of Carolina’s undergraduate students receive financial aid, mostly in the form of grants and scholarships. We’re proud of helping keep Carolina within reach of every student who earns admission. Average debt among graduating seniors is low, and only two-in-five students take on any federal loans at all. Our Carolina Covenant® program offers low-income students the chance to graduate from Carolina debt-free. Covenant Scholars also benefit from academic and personnel support services to help make the most of Carolina and encourage on-time graduation.

For additional information contact the UNC Office of Scholarships and Student Aid at (919) 962-8396.

Additional Department of Music Scholarships

Approximately 15 scholarships are available in any given year. Typically, awards range from $1,000 to $2,000 per year. All music scholarships are merit awards offered on the basis of demonstrated artistic performance and potential and are given only to students intending to major or double major in music.


Reminder: Students must register for a Department of Music audition date in addition to submitting an application to UNC Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Submitting an application for admission to UNC does not automatically grant a student an audition date.

Scholarship auditions for students planning to enter the University in Fall 2021 will be held on the following Saturdays:

      • October 17 (Early and Regular applicants; No piano)
      • November 21 (Early and Regular applicants)
      • December 12 (Early and Regular applicants)
      • January 23 (For Regular Admit applicants only)

Please note that registrations for auditions close one week prior to each listed Saturday, ie. audition registrations for October 17 close on October 10.

All auditions are virtual:

This year, due to challenges from Covid-19, the Department is holding all auditions virtually, via Zoom. Although you will be meeting “live” with our faculty, we highly encourage you to pre-record your audition so we can view it in advance with the highest quality audio and video. A link to your audition video should be sent to us no later than the Wednesday before your audition.

Use the following form to submit links: Submit Links for Pre-Recorded Auditions Here

What to record on your video:

  • For your audition video, choose repertoire which best displays your abilities.
  • Please keep the playing portion of the video to 4-8 minutes in length. Whenever possible, offer selections from two or three pieces or movements in contrasting musical styles and tempi. Excerpts of larger pieces are welcomed. 
  • Announce your selections prior to playing, or use titles in your video. Please make sure you are clearly visible while you are playing.
  • No editing within one piece or movement, though you may edit these separate recordings together into a larger clip. 
  • Please make sure we can see your face and hands clearly in the video.
  • Accompanists are welcome but not required.

(See below for area-specific guidelines.)

What to do if you can’t record your audition in advance: Although pre-recorded auditions are highly encouraged, they are not required to audition. In these cases, we will be happy to hear you play during your Zoom appointment. Be sure to get the latest update of Zoom, select the “high fidelity music mode” in the advanced settings, and test your set-up with a friend to ensure the best sound quality.

For singers:

Singers should perform from memory, and if possible, we’d like to hear one song in English and one in a foreign language. At least one of your pieces should be classical in style. While we do not have a prescreen process at UNC, you are welcome to send prescreen videos you’re using for other schools for our audition. You may use recorded accompaniment, a live accompanist, or if you cannot find an accompanist, it is fine to sing your piece(s) a cappella. Appcompanist is an online resource with recorded accompaniments to many classical and musical theatre songs. They have a free 30-day trial for new customers.

For pianists:

Please make sure in the video that we see your face, hands, and feet clearly.

For strings:

Please make sure your entire bow arm and bow hand are always in the frame, from frog to tip. Also, be sure that your entire instrument is always in the picture as well.

For jazz performers:

Jazz performers typically prepare 2-3 standard tunes in contrasting styles, tempos, and keys. Normally, live accompaniment by faculty would be provided, but due to the auditions being held remotely this year, students are encouraged to use pre-recorded backing tracks where available or to perform unaccompanied. For questions concerning how to prepare for auditions in Jazz Studies, feel free to contact Dr. Stephen Anderson and Professor Barber.

Submitting your videos:

Submit links (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) to your recordings via the following form. Note that this form does not allow file uploads–links only.

Submit Links for Pre-Recorded Auditions Here

The Zoom Interview:

Prior to your audition you’ll be sent several links. The first will be for your audition and interview. During your audition slot our faculty will either listen to your audition selections (if no pre-recorded audition), or screen-share portions of your recorded audition. They’ll also conduct a brief interview about your musical and non-musical interests.

Afterward, you’ll be invited into a separate virtual room to meet current students from the Department of Music.

The Info Session:

You’ll also receive a link for a required Zoom info session, during which you’ll learn more about the scholarship process, how the Department of Music’s process fits within admissions and scholarships at Carolina as a whole, and about our curriculum. You’ll also have a chance to ask questions.

To schedule a music scholarship audition (recorded or live via Zoom), please complete the Audition Registration Form. Please send other specific requests to:

Evan Feldman
Chair, Music Scholarship Committee
UNC Department of Music
Hill Hall 105 / CB #3320
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3320
(919) 914-0212

Many areas/programs have further information on auditions. Click the “Areas of Study” tab at the top of this page.

If you have audition or academic questions particular to a specific instrument, voice or program of study, select from the list below.