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Six music majors with their instruments in nature. Overlaid are the words: Tradition. Innovation. Collaboration.

As of October 7, 2020, our department has adopted a new mission statement that incorporates the diversity statement previously found on this page. We are currently working to reimagine this page, so please check back for more updates.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Music Resources

Do the Work Wednesdays

For anti-racism resources from the university, please visit To explore the College of Arts & Sciences’ diversity efforts and resources, please visit

Meet UNC Music’s Diversity Liaison

Nicholas DiEugenio
Associate Professor Dr. Nicholas DiEugenio

Associate Professor Nicholas DiEugenio

My name is Nicholas DiEugenio, and most call me Dr. D! I’m honored to be the department’s current diversity liaison. This position is an important resource for our community. You can come to me with concerns that may arise within or outside the department. I likely won’t have any immediate solutions, though I might have some useful ideas, and I can also connect you with someone in the university’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion office (or elsewhere on campus who can). Everything that you bring to me will remain confidential unless it is a matter of safety and/or is a report of violence, since I’m obligated as a Campus Security Authority to report these occurrences.

While I may not be the face that you’d expect to see in this position, I hope that you will find a true ally in me. I have taken the Safe Zone, Haven, and Hollaback Bystander Intervention and Conflict De-Escalation trainings to help guide me in this work. As a cis-gendered white male, I have learned so much from students, faculty, and staff across the university about my own blind spots and insufficiencies when it comes to doing the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Just knowing this is helpful to me in remembering that I need to always push myself to do a better job, that my best efforts lie in listening to others rather than always hearkening back to my own perspectives and experiences, and that this work is deeply important and vital for all of us.

Stop by my office, send me an email, or give me a call! I’d love to meet you.

Phone: 919-843-0070

Office: Person Hall 105