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For the academic year 2023-2024, the Department of Music is not requiring students to take a Theory Diagnostic. Please consult with your academic advisor and with your studio teacher to discuss what music theory courses are the best choices for you. Check what credit you’ll receive from your AP Music Theory score here.

Students earning a BMus degree who matriculated in 2022 or later are required to take Musc 131, “Tonal Theory I,” and its co-requisite, Musc 130, “Tonal Musicianship Skills I.”

Students without a strong background in 5-line staff notation and Western Art music may be strongly advised to take Musc 121, “Fundamentals of Music,” to prepare for Musc 131.

Students may consider starting their music theory coursework with the following courses, depending on their musical backgrounds, areas of emphasis, and specific musical interests:

Musc 131: “Tonal Theory I”

Musc 135: “Jazz Theory”

Musc 137: “Patterns in Music”

Musc 156: “Beatmaking Lab”

Musc 381: “Inside the Song: Analysis of Songcraft”