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voice and strings

Auditions for Department of Music Scholarships (Prospective Students)

Students planning to audition for the Department as part of their university application should visit this page for general information about procedures and dates. This page offers more specific information for the Voice Area.

The audition can be considered part of consideration for scholarship as well as admission, but all appropriate applications must first be submitted to UNC admissions. In addition to applying through UNC admissions, students must also request an audition using this form.

Information for Voice auditions:

  • Repertoire: 1) a foreign-language art song or aria (e.g. Italian, French, or German) and 2) an English-language art song or aria (can include musical theater)
  • Students must notify Dr. Jeanne Fischer via email ( of their repertoire for the audition at least two weeks prior to the audition date.
  • 2021-22 Audition Dates (in-person or virtual): November 13, 2021, December 11, 2021, January 8, 2022, January 15, 2022
  • A pianist is provided at no charge for in-person auditions

If you have questions about the application and audition process, please feel free to email Area Head of Voice, Jeanne Fischer.

Auditions for Lesson Placement (Current Students)

Students must audition for the voice faculty in order to take one-on-one instruction and will be assigned to the appropriate courses: MUSC 202 (music majors), MUSC 302 (music major recitalists), MUSC 102 (non-music majors), or MUSC 111 (group voice lessons).

  • One to two pieces (can include Musical Theatre, English, Italian, German, or French art songs/arias)
  • Auditions are held at the beginning of the school year in August.
  • Prospective voice majors should email Dr. Jeanne Fischer.
  • Students who are non-majors or music minors interested in voice lessons should contact Prof. Timothy Sparks.

Voice Lesson Information

  • Applied Music Fee: $475 for the semester. There are no refunds for applied lessons.
  • Students are responsible for securing the services of and paying a pianist to: 1) rehearse assigned repertoire a minimum of 30 minutes weekly outside of lessons and 2) play the second half of each weekly lesson.
  • A number of freelance professional pianists and student pianists are available. Voice teachers can be of assistance in recommending a pianist. You may also refer to the Voice Handbook for further information. The cost for an accompanist can run between $25 and $35 per week.