sign and legs and stands oh my

The Music Department of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Mission, Vision, and Values

Through our teaching, research, and creativity we share music’s multiplicity of forms and
meanings, connecting the study of music to the larger understanding of societies, and affirming
music’s importance as an expression of humanity.

Our vision is to bring to life the vital and vibrant role of music within human experience,
challenging students to meaningful experiential and contextual interpretations of music,
fostering the skills necessary to articulate cogent musical conceptions, and welcoming all
students who seek to embrace the study of music at UNC.
We value an environment in which we openly explore music and its role across cultures. We
value teaching our students at all levels the tools necessary to support the investigation and
presentation of the art in our communities broadly conceived. We value the student’s
educational well-being, and the making of curricular and hiring decisions with student success
in mind. We value our faculty’s contributions to creative activity, research, teaching, and the
profession beyond the campus that bring distinction and resources to the department and the
university. We value decision-making that continually celebrates what makes us relevant and
purposeful, that embraces new ideas to shape our future, and recognizes that the new builds
on the foundation of the old, that perspective and direction is found in the balance of the two.

Approved May 2, 2018