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360ᵒ Jazz Initiative, Please Only Tell Me Good News Album Cover 2022The 360ᵒ Jazz Initiative is in an interactive ensemble comprising faculty and talented students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who collaborate with guest performers and composers through live performances, composer “call for scores” competitions, and through publishing recordings together. The aim of 360ᵒ Jazz Initiative is to promote compositional activity and performances that exhibit a deep awareness of the rich history of jazz while at the same time producing creative new works that demonstrate jazz as a living art form which looks towards the future of the music.



Ramunė Marcinkevičiūtė – voice (disc 1, track 3)
Emma Gonzalez – voice (disc 2, track 4)
Rachel Therrien – trumpet
Alex Upton – alto sax (disc 1, tracks 1 and 3 | disc 2 tracks 1 and 5)
Rahsaan Barber – alto, tenor, baritone
Roland Barber – trombone (disc 1, track 4 | disc 2, track 2)
Juan Álamo – marimba, percussion
Baron Tymas – guitar
Stephen Anderson – piano
Jason Foureman – bass
Christopher Law – bass (disc 1, track 4)
Dan Davis – drums
Michael Shekwoaga Ode – drums (disc 1, tracks 2 and 4)


The Jazz Studies faculty and students at UNC wholeheartedly thank the late Thomas F. Steward for his generous gift that sustains the day-to-day operations of the Jazz Studies area at the University of North Carolina. We also thank Jamey Aebersold for sponsoring the Jamey Aebersold Visiting Artist Series which brings guest artists to campus each semester to perform with the students and faculty, and Dr. Jesse White for his generous contributions in honor of Jim Ketch which have provided support for the purchase of instruments that are used in the UNC Jazz Band and Jazz Combos. We thank Fred and Gail Fearing, Jim and Jo Ann Harllee, Jeff Chandler, the Kyser family, and other anonymous donors for their generous support of UNC Jazz Studies which have supported student awards, scholarships, and the Carolina Jazz Festival. We thank Ioana Costant and Gretchen Elise Gosnell of International Student and Scholar Services at UNC Global who helped to make Rachel Therrien’s visit for the 2022 Carolina Jazz Festival and appearance on the 360ᵒ Jazz Initiative recording possible. We are grateful for our colleagues on the Department of Music staff who tirelessly support UNC Jazz Studies—Jesse Moorefield, Jay Harper, Catherine Zachary, El Fisseha, Max Mitler, Angeline Warren, and Elliott Chandler. Finally, thanks to each of our families for being so supportive of the long hours and constant music making process.

—Stephen Anderson


Recorded by Ian Victor Schreier at Sonark Media Studios
Hillsborough, NC, USA February 21-24, 2022
Stephen Raets, studio owner/assisting engineer and Eli Webb assisting
Mixed and mastered by Phil Bulla, Platinum Productions
Cover and CD tray photography by Dr. Brooks de Wetter-Smith
360ᵒ Jazz Initiative group photos by Madison Anderson
Individual artist photos by various photographers


360ᵒ Jazz Initiative 2015 CD Release

DISTRACTED SOCIETY – (Summit Records, Release date, June 2015) is the first CD release of 360ᵒ Jazz Initiative.  The following scores and parts may be downloaded and performed however the copyrights remain strictly with the respective composer. Please provide credit in concert programs where the charts are performed live, and contact the composers for permission if seeking to use them for a published recording.


    1. Distracted Society – Stephen Anderson (Parts)
    2. 60 Seconds – Stephen Anderson (Parts)
    3. Bent – Dave Finucane (Lead Sheet Concert Key)
    4. No Answer – Stephen Anderson (Score and Parts)
    5. Theme for Man – Stephen Anderson (Score and Parts)
    6. Burn – Stephen Anderson (Score and Parts)
    7. Grey Blue – Dave Finucane (Lead Sheet Concert Key)
    8. Oh K.D. – Jim Ketch (Parts)
    9. Fish Wars – Stephen Anderson (Score and Parts)

360ᵒ Jazz Initiative Performers, Distracted Society Release:

Jim Ketch – trumpet, flugelhorn
John Parker – trumpet
Dave Finucane – tenor sax
Scott Sawyer – guitar
Juan Álamo – vibraphone, marimba, congas, bongos
Stephen Anderson – piano
Jason Foureman – bass
Dan Davis – drums


Recorded at Fidelitorium Recordings, Kernersville, NC (January, 2-3 2015) Jason Richmond, engineer.
Mixed by Jason Richmond, Efland, NC (February, 2015)
Mastered by Phil Bulla at Platinum Productions / Monroe, NY
Photography by Brooks de Wetter-Smith