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– Score Submission winners announced on the 360ᵒ JI Composers Page –  

36SMT_6600ᵒ Jazz Initiative is a new music initiative that seeks to promote compositional activity that demonstrates an awareness of the rich history of jazz, while at the same time exhibiting creativity that looks towards the future of the art form. The initiative is multifaceted—involving the 360ᵒ JI Ensemble, which records and gives concerts featuring new music by the members of the ensemble. But the initiative also invites composers of any nationality, gender, race, or age to submit works to be performed and/or recorded and published by the ensemble in an annual call for new charts, of which, up to eight new works will be selected to be performed each year at the fall concert at UNC. Submission guidelines are posted at the Call for Scores link.

DISTRACTED SOCIETY – (Summit Records, Release date, June 2015) is the first CD release of 360ᵒ Jazz Initiative.  The following scores and parts may be downloaded and performed however the copyrights remain strictly with the respective composer. Please provide credit in concert programs where the charts are performed live, and contact the composers for permission if seeking to use them for a published recording.

    1. Distracted Society – Stephen Anderson (Parts)
    2. 60 Seconds – Stephen Anderson (Parts)
    3. Bent – Dave Finucane (Lead Sheet Concert Key)
    4. No Answer – Stephen Anderson (Score and Parts)
    5. Theme for Man – Stephen Anderson (Score and Parts)
    6. Burn – Stephen Anderson (Score and Parts)
    7. Grey Blue – Dave Finucane (Lead Sheet Concert Key)
    8. Oh K.D. – Jim Ketch (Parts)
    9. Fish Wars – Stephen Anderson (Score and Parts)


Jim Ketch – trumpet, flugelhorn
John Parker – trumpet
Dave Finucane – tenor sax
Scott Sawyer – guitar
Juan Álamo – vibraphone, marimba, congas, bongos
Stephen Anderson – piano
Jason Foureman – bass
Dan Davis – drums


Recorded at Fidelitorium Recordings, Kernersville, NC (January, 2-3 2015) Jason Richmond, engineer.
Mixed by Jason Richmond, Efland, NC (February, 2015)
Mastered by Phil Bulla at Platinum Productions / Monroe, NY
Photography by Brooks de Wetter-Smith