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    Music Lessons (Instrument / Voice)

    Applied Lessons Procedures

    Private studio instruction and ensembles are available to all students at UNC Chapel Hill, regardless of their degree program or major.

    All students wishing to take applied lessons in an instrument or in voice in the Music Department must gain permission of the appropriate instructor and/or area head, and submit a registration form to the Music Department Registrar (Hill Hall Room 104). Please note that in all applied-lesson courses, sections are by instructor; students should be sure to enroll with the correct instructor. A separate fee is charged for each semester of lessons (see below).

    The Department offers three types of applied lessons, at the 1XX level (0.5 or 1.0 credit hours), 2XX level (2.0 credit hours), and 3XX level (3.0 credit hours); full details are available in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Students should be sure to enroll for the correct type of lessons. Admission to all applied lessons is by permission of instructor and in the piano and voice areas, by audition.  For returning students continuing lessons is dependent upon prior performance in the same course. Please note that we do not normally offer applied lessons to beginners on a given instrument, and that we require an ability to read musical notation fluently.

    Students pursuing the B.M. degree normally enroll for eight semesters of 2.0 credit lessons on their main instrument, encompassing eight semesters of weekly one-hour lessons and a weekly studio class. These lessons are numbered 2XX. These lessons are also available to appropriately qualified students pursuing the B.A. degree majoring in music and also the music minor.

    • MUSC 200 Advanced Individual Lessons in Keyboard (2) (audition required; see piano lesson audition information)
    • MUSC 202 Advanced Individual Lessons in Voice (2) (audition required; see voice lesson audition information page)
    • MUSC 203 Advanced Individual Lessons in Strings (2)
    • MUSC 204 Advanced Individual Lessons in Woodwinds (2)
    • MUSC 205 Advanced Individual Lessons in Brass (2)
    • MUSC 206 Advanced Individual Lessons in Percussion (2)

    Students pursuing the B.M. or B.A. degree who wish to include a recital in their applied study should substitute lessons numbered 3XX for their 2XX lessons. 3XX lessons with recital may be taken in up to two semesters during a student’s degree. Lessons at the 3XX level have a prerequisite of six hours of the equivalent MUSC 2XX course.

    • MUSC 300 Advanced Keyboard Lessons and Recital (3)
    • MUSC 302 Advanced Voice Lessons and Recital (3)
    • MUSC 303 Advanced String Lessons and Recital (3)
    • MUSC 304 Advanced Woodwind Lessons and Recital (3)
    • MUSC 305 Advanced Brass Lessons and Recital  (3)
    • MUSC 306 Advanced Percussion Lessons and Recital (3)

    Music majors pursuing the B.A. degree, music minors, and non-majors may enroll for 1XX lessons for 0.5 or 1.0 credit hours, subject to their availability.

    Group lessons (1.0 credit hours) may also be available on selected instruments (MUSC 110–115).

    Applied Instruction Fees (per semester; subject to change)

    Separate fees beyond normal tuition are required for private instruction.

    • One one-hour private lesson per week: $400
    • One half-hour private lesson per week: $200
    • Group lessons (available in piano, voice, and guitar): $375

    Applied Lessons Registration

    The registration process involves both registering for a class and registering through the music department separately. All students wishing to enroll must first gain permission of the appropriate instructor. A list of instructors for each instrument is available from the Music Department office (919-962-1039) and is shown below. Students should contact the appropriate instructor/area head and arrange for an audition if necessary. For all instructors, music majors are given priority, but music minors and non-majors are also welcome, subject to the limits of available faculty time. Once permission has been granted, the registration process for academic credit can only be done by the Music Department Registrar. The Music Department Registrar's office is located in Hill Hall Room 104, and available office hours are posted on the door. All students must enroll during the regular University registration period at the beginning of each semester.

    Faculty Contacts for Applied Instruction (full contact info in faculty directory)

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