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It is always advised that any student seeking applied music lessons initially contact the appropriate instructor to discuss the matter. In addition to enrolling in the appropriate music course, students will also complete an applied music lesson form (available in the music office: Hill Hall, Room 105) for the registrar of the department. Currently, one semester of applied music lessons is $425 for a weekly one-hour lesson and $212 for a weekly thirty-minute lesson. There are no refunds for applied lessons.

Applied Percussion Lesson Courses (Juan Álamo, instructor)

  • MUSC 106.1 – Individual Percussion Lessons (1 Credit hour)
  • MUSC 206.1 – Advanced Individual Percussion Lessons (2 Credit hours)
  • MUSC 306.1 – Advanced Individual Percussion Lessons + Recital (3 Credit hours)

Applied Drumset Lesson Courses (Dan Davis, instructor)

  • MUSC 106.2 – Individual Drumset Lessons (1 Credit hour)
  • MUSC 206.2 – Advanced Individual Percussion Lessons (2 Credit hours)