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Students who wish to emphasize jazz performance while at UNC should pursue the following Jazz Studies area courses sequentially according to the prerequisites listed below. It is recommended that students take the theory and improvisation courses early during their studies at UNC to allow time to build artistry throughout the remaining undergraduate years while playing in the ensembles.  Students who play classical music or who are pursuing other majors are also welcome and encouraged to sign up for the courses.

Theory and Improvisation Courses

  • MUSC 135 Jazz Harmony (Stephen Anderson
    Offered each Fall, TR 2:00-3:15pm).  Satisfies one semester of keyboard requirement for the Bachelor of Music.
  • MUSC 163 Jazz Improvisation 1 (Rahsaan Barber
    Prerequisite MUSC 135 | Offered each Spring TR 9:30-10:45am)
  • MUSC 263 Jazz Improvisation 2 (prerequisite MUSC 135
    Offered every other Spring)
  • MUSC 265 Jazz Composition & Arranging (Stephen Anderson
    prerequisite MUSC 135 | Offered every other Spring)


  • MUSC 211.12 Jazz Band (no prerequisite) (Rahsaan Barber | Offered each semester, MW 1:25-2:40)
  • MUSC 214.5 Jazz Combos (no prerequisite but MUSC 135 strongly encouraged!) (Dan Davis, Jason Foureman, Stephen Anderson, Aaron Hill | Offered each semester, F 1:25-3:30)

History Courses

  • MUSC 145 Introduction to Jazz (History) (Stephen Anderson | Offered each Fall, TTr 11am-12:15pm)
  • MUSC 280 Jazz Innovators

Applied Instruction in Jazz

Private instruction in jazz is offered for saxophone, trumpet, piano, guitar, bass, and drums. For more information see the course listings in the Course Catalog and contact the individual lesson instructors (more information on lessons at the bottom of this page).