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    UNC Summer Jazz Workshop

    UNC Summer Jazz Workshop

    *Monday, June 15 through Friday, June 19, 2015*

    NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR, STEPHEN ANDERSON: Dear workshop participants, we look forward to the 2015 Summer Jazz Workshop which will run Monday-Friday June 15-20.

    We are in the process of converting our webpage so that the application form will be submitted electronically through the website.  This change will help us tremendously to streamline the process, so we ask that all applications be submitted through the forthcoming online form rather than by emailing or mailing in any older forms wherever possible.

    We anticipate that the new electronic application form will be in place and that we will begin accepting applications beginning January 1, 2015.  We look forward to seeing many of you again.

    -Dr. Stephen Anderson, Director

    Quick Links

    General InformationApplication FormsWorkshop FeesDaily Schedule
    Workshop Faculty/Guest Artists Concert Schedule Housing and Meal Plans Maps and Parking

    General Information

    The UNC Summer Jazz Workshop is a unique five-day jazz program (Monday, June 16 through Friday, June 20, 2014) catering to students of a variety of ages -- from middle school and high school students, college students, band directors, and adults who want to study and be immersed in a high-paced jazz program which provides instruction in jazz theory, improvisation, small group playing, and group lessons. Rising high school seniors, band directors and adults have the option to enroll in MUSC 364 Summer Jazz Workshop to earn 3 hours of college credit -- studying jazz theory and improvisation with Dr. Anderson and Professor Ketch in the morning hours, while all others may participate in the general community classes and evening events (10am-9pm): 10am jazz theory with Sean Olson, 12:20pm improvisation with Jeffry Eckels, then joining together with the MUSC 364 students in the afternoon jazz combos, lessons, and evening concerts.  The MUSC 364 Special Studies course satisfies the UNC "Experiential Education" requirement for UNC students. See the complete schedule below.

    Each evening, Monday through Thursday, guest artists and faculty will perform, and students will attend the performances.  On Friday evening, the student combos will perform.  All concerts are free and open to the public.

    Acceptance Into The Summer Jazz Workshop (ALL PARTICIPANTS)

    Application Forms

    (new online form forthcoming...)

    To apply for the workshop, all students must first submit an application submitted through the link provided above.  For those who wish to apply for the summer workshop for non-credit, the process is handled by internally within  the UNC Jazz Faculty by Dr. Anderson. For those who wish to enroll in the workshop as MUSC 364 to receive college credit, there is a separate admittance process that is handled through UNC Summer School. This process is detailed at and involves submitting letters of recommendation etc. since the students will be considered UNC students or "visiting" UNC students.  Summer school applications are available beginning Feb. 15, 2015.

    Acceptance into the workshop is based upon the merit of the application information and previous experience.  Applications will be received from January 1 to June 1, 2015, yet enrollment is based on a first-come, first served basis, as well as the projected instrumentation needs to fill out the combos. PLEASE NOTE THAT EARLY ACCEPTANCE NOTICE WILL BEGIN BY JANUARY 1, 2015 and will close when the class and workshop fills.  Please allow up to three weeks for your application to be processed.

    All workshop participants are expected to know the basic fundamentals of how to play their instrument, and to be musically literate in basic music notation and harmony (e.g., key signatures, can play major and minor scales and major and minor chords in 12 keys etc.).

    Dr. Stephen R. Anderson, D.M.A., workshop director
    Jazz Studies and Composition 
    Department of Music, CB #3320 
    The University of North Carolina 
    Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3320  
    919.537.1358 phone
    (email) (artist website)

    Workshop Fees And Registration Overview

    Cost for MUSC 364 Summer Jazz Workshop (college credit)

    The cost for those enrolled in MUSC 364, “Summer Jazz Workshop,” will be the applicable tuition for resident [e.g., in-state] (projected $660) or nonresident [e.g., out-of-state] ($1680) students plus a $75 program fee. These fees are in compliance with the standard tuition fees set by the university on an annual basis.  Students registering for MUSC 364 will typically apply as a "visitor" unless they are planning to continue in the fall.  *Students should sign up for the "Summer II Only" status, though our workshop dates fall slightly before the dates posted for summer school.

    For details pertaining to payment of UNC tuition, please visit

    For payment of the $75 program fee see below.

    Cost for the General Summer Jazz Workshop (non-college credit)

    For those who wish to participate only in the afternoon and evening part of the program (i.e., NOT enroll in the MUSC 364 course), they will pay a program fee of $375, whether in- or out-of-state.  Once accepted as a member of the UNC Summer Jazz Workshop, you will receive a letter (or email) notifying you of acceptance into the program.  At that time registration fees must be payed within two weeks.  For payment of fees see below.

    PAYMENT FOR ALL WORKSHOP FEES (excluding MUSC 364 Tuition - visit

    The payment for the program fees, housing, and meal plan (as applicable to participants' interests/needs indicated on the application form) may be paid at the link provided below.  The payment form allows the participant to set the rate of pay according to whether the participant is paying tuition for MUSC 364 (college credit) or just the general ("afternoon") workshop and whether the participant will require housing and/or meal plan.  IN ALL CASES, the fees paid should reflect what was submitted on the application form, so that the payment may be accurately processed.


    • If taking MUSC 364 (college credit), the Program Fee is $75
    • If taking the General ("afternoon") Workshop, the Program Fee is $375
    • Housing at Granville Towers (Sun-Fri) $140
    • Linens $28
    • Meal Plan at Granville Towers (3 meals/day Mon-Fri) $140


    *REFUND POLICY: Because it is necessary that we carefully balance our registration and expenses according to the number of applications that we receive each year by instrument type (i.e., 11-12 bass slots, 11-12 drum slots, 12-15 keyboard slots, 12-15 saxophones etc.), we consequently establish the number of combos directly around the instrumentation of the applicants that we receive each year.  Correspondingly, we carefully gauge any necessary equipment purchases, we hire faculty and staff, plan our facility use fees and fees to Granville Towers, we purchase food and T-shirts etc., according to the number of applicants we can accept each year.  For this reason we cannot refund any payments after June 1 annually. Related to this admittance process, we hope that applicants will understand that when a student decides to drop out at the last minute, their absence adversely affects the organization of all of the groups and creates confusion during the opening days of the workshop as we have to try to juggle the instrumentation of the groups in order to accommodate the sudden change in instrumental personnel.  Each participant is a member of a team and is needed for the collective benefit of the whole.


    MUSC 364 Special Studies Enrollees
    9:30am-10:40am Jazz Theory and Skills
    10:55am-12:05pm Improvisation and Jazz History
    12:05-1:45pm LUNCH/practice time
    1:45-3:15pm Jazz Combo
    3:30-4:30pm Group Lessons
    4:45-5:30pm *Sit in with the Faculty Jam Session (Tues/Wed/Thurs)
    5:30-7pm DINNER BREAK/practice time
    7-9 pm Evening Concerts (M-Th); *4:30-7:15pm Friday Afternoon Student Concert*

    General Workshop Participants:

    10am-11am Jazz Theory Class (Sean Olson)
    12:20-1:30pm Improvisation (with Jeffry Eckels)
    1:45-3:15pm Jazz Combo
    3:30-4:30pm Group Lessons
    4:45-5:30pm *Sit in with the Faculty Jam Session (Tues/Wed/Thurs)
    5:30-7pm DINNER BREAK/practice time
    7-9 pm Evening Concerts (M-Th); *4:30-7:15pm Friday Afternoon Student Concert*

    (FRIDAY MODIFIED SCHEDULE - due to afternoon concert):

    Morning classes same as M-Th schedule  
    12:15-1pm Improvisation (for those in Eckels's class)
    Combos 1:15-2:15pm
    Dorm room check-out 2:30-3:45pm
    No group lessons
    Student Combo Concert *4:30-7:15pm*

    Workshop Faculty/Coaches/Guest Artists:

    Jim Ketch - brass, improvisation, combos
    Stephen Anderson - piano, theory/improvisation, combos
    Dave Finucane - saxophones
    Gregg Gelb - saxophones
    Sandy Gabriel - saxophones (guest artist from the Dominican Republic)
    Jerald Shynette - trombone
    Jeffry Eckels - bass, beginning improvisation, combos
    Jason Foureman - bass
    Dan Davis - drums
    Guy Frometa - drums (guest artist from the Dominican Republic)
    Scott Sawyer - guitar
    Kate McGarry - vocal jazz

    Concert Schedule 2015

    Each night (M-Th), different faculty and guest artists give concerts at 7pm. All events are free and open to the public. On Friday afternoon, the students give the final concert at 4:30pm.

    Monday, June 15 at 7pm - OUTDOOR CONCERT ON THE LAWN (Bring lawn chairs, blanket, and picnic) (Back up location in case of rain - Kenan Music Building 1201)

    GROUP TBD...
    (rhythm section)

    Tuesday, June 17, 7pm - KMB 1201:  
    GROUP TBD...

    (rhythm section)

    Tuesday, June 17, 9pm-midnight Late Night Jam Session at Bun's Burgers ($5 cover OR purchase of food; located at 107 N. Columbia in Chapel Hill).  Sit in with  Eckels/Pederson/Anderson

    Wednesday, June 18, 7pm - KMB 1201:
    GROUP TBD...
    (rhythm section)

    Thursday, June 19, 7pm - KMB 1201:
    GROUP TBD...
    (rhythm section)

    Friday, June 20, *4:30-7:15pm* - KMB 1201: 
    *Student Combos Concert*

    Concert Videos

    Lynn Seaton Trio - "Strike Up the Band"

    Faculty/Guest Sextet - "My Blues"

    Housing And Meal Plans (Optional)

    Housing is available in campus dormitories at Granville Towers ($25/night or $140 for the week [Sun-Fri] + $25 for linen package...taxes included) for workshop participants who may require lodging during the workshop. The dorms are close in proximity to the Kenan Music Building and the facilities include dining (see below for meal plan options), pool, workout facility, basketball court, free parking at Granville etc., as well as close access to restaurants on Franklin street.

    All younger (i.e., ages 14-16) commuting workshop participants will need to be dropped off/picked up by a parent/guardian (signed in/out) each day before classes (beginning at 1pm) and after the activities (either after classes end at 5:30pm or after the evening concerts at 9pm).

    Granville Towers website:

    Meal Plans (providing 3 meals each day) are available at Granville Towers for $28 each day or $140 for the week (M-F).

    Workshop participants may also opt to dine in the restaurants located on Franklin Street, conveniently located 1 block from the Kenan Music Building.  There are dozens of tasty choices for food on Franklin - many of them very reasonably priced.  All middle school and/or high school aged workshop participants must remain with a camp counselor during meal time.  There is also a Walgreens located near the corner of Franklin and Columbia (also 1 block away).

    Payment for Housing and/or Meal Plan:

    Because Granville Towers does not coordinate housing arrangements on an individual basis for groups such as ours, payment will need to be made through the Department of Music at the link provided above.  Please indicate on your application form if you wish to stay in the dormitories during the workshop.

    Workshop Counselors:

    Two camp counselors (1 female, 1 male; UNC students in the Department of Music) will be on staff to assist high school aged students with evening meals (both those who've opted to purchase a meal plan from Granville Towers and those who may wish to eat in the restaurants on Franklin Street).  For any rising high school seniors or older, the counselors will stay in the dormitories as a safety measure.  All rising high school seniors staying in the dormitories will be required to adhere to the 10:30pm curfew and to check in each night with the workshop counselor. Any workshop participant found engaging in disorderly conduct (e.g. vandalism, under-aged drinking, sneaking out, etc.) will be suspended from the workshop without a refund of workshop or housing fees.

    Check-In:  Sunday, June 14 from 3:30-7pm
    Check Out:  Friday, June 19 from 2:30-3:45pm

    Maps And Parking

    The Kenan Music Building is located on Columbia St. between Franklin and Cameron Ave. next to the Hanes Art Building (Google Campus Map).  Granville Towers is located in the quadrant across Columbia Avenue.

    Parking is not available to the public in the Swain lot directly behind the KMB until after 5pm, when it becomes paid hourly parking.  There are a few different options for parking as listed below:

    Granville Towers: (125 West Franklin Street)
    ccess from Franklin St. behind University Square shopping center)
    Those who are staying in the dorms will each receive 1 free parking pass that they can keep in their vehicle throughout the week.  If these passes are not needed throughout the week, the participant’s family may pick up the parking passes at check-out from the workshop counselors on Friday, June 22 for free parking during the final student concert.     

    Granville also has 50 spaces available for commuters for a fee of $5/day ($25/5 days).  These commuters can pay by check directly to "Granville Towers" on Monday, June 17th at the East Tower front desk before classes begin for the day.    

    Parking Garage at 150 E. Rosemary Street: Participants may opt to park in the parking garage on Rosemary Street as listed on the map below for hourly rates at $1/hr.  This garage has no daily rates.  For those families who will only need parking during the final concert, this may be a suitable option.

    Parking is not available to the public  in the Swain lot directly behind the KMB until after 5pm when it becomes a paid lot.  The red arrows show the location of the Department of Music buildings; the yellow shows the entrance to the Swain lot that is open to the public (most days) after 5pm.

    Parking Map UNC Summer Workshop

    Map Housing - Summer Jazz Workshop

    More Videos

    Stephen Anderson Trio with special guest, Joel Frahm,  "Nu Millennium"
    Jeffry Eckels, bass; Ross Pederson, drums

    Lynn Seaton Trio - "I Can't Give You Anything But Love"

    Stephen Anderson Trio with special guest, Joel Frahm,  "Believe"
    Jeffry Eckels, bass; Ross Pederson, drums

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