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Housing & Meal Plans (Optional)

Housing is available in campus dormitories for $150 for the week [Sun-Fri] + $15 for linen package…taxes included).  The dorms are close in walking distance to the Kenan Music Building, Hill Hall, and Person Hall where the workshop classes are held.  For the 2022 UNC Summer Jazz Workshop, those who have paid for the meal plan will dine in Agora Dining Hall, which is located in Granville Towers (see the link to the left for maps to facilities).  For those who have paid for housing during the workshop, we will be stay in two groups this year:  participants aged 12-17 will mostly be staying in Granville Towers.  College age students and older will stay at Lewis Dorms.  We will email a link to where participants can request a roommate, and Becca Clemens will email the room assignments in the days before the workshop.  Where participants, do not have a specific roommate request students are paired by age and gender.  Granville has 2 participants in each room and shares a bathroom with the room next door.  Lewis will likewise have 2 in a room and bathrooms are located off the hallway on each floor.

Meal Plans (providing 3 meals each day) are provided by Carolina Dining Services this year for $155 for the week (Mon-Fri) or (lunch and dinner for $125 Mon-Fri).

We encourage participants under the age of 18 to purchase the meal plan (at least for lunch and dinner $125 or $155 for breakfast, lunch and dinner).  In lieu of the meal plan, participants may bring a bag lunch and eat in the Kenan Music Building, or parents could pick up their children for meals, though each time they must check in/out with the workshop counselors to ensure safety.  Participants under 18 are not allowed to dine on Franklin without a parent or authorized guardian.

Workshop participants 18 and older and minors who are accompanied by a parent or guardian may also opt to dine in the restaurants located on Franklin Street, conveniently located 1 block from the Kenan Music Building.  There are several tasty choices for food on Franklin.  There is also a Walgreens and various shops located near the corner of Franklin and Columbia.

Payment for Housing and/or Meal Plan:

Because the dormitories do not coordinate housing arrangements on an individual basis for groups such as ours, payment will need to be made through the Department of Music below:


Workshop Counselors:

Camp counselors will be on staff to oversee workshop participants aged 13-17 at during meals for those who are dining on the meal plan.  The counselors will also be available to assist younger workshop participants to and from their classes throughout the day.  We ask that participants 17 and younger check in with the workshop directors before and after each class for security measures and that they not go off campus alone.

All participants staying in the dormitories will be required to adhere to the 11pm curfew and to check in each night with the workshop counselors. Any workshop participant found engaging in disorderly conduct (e.g. fighting, vandalism, under-aged drinking, sneaking out, etc.) will be suspended from the workshop without a refund of workshop, housing, or meal plan fees.

Check In:  Sunday, June 23 from 3:30-7pm
Check Out:  Friday, June 28 from 2:00-3:30pm