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For complete 2023 UNC Summer Jazz Workshop participant parking information, please refer to the Welcome Packet that was emailed out to all participants.

GRANVILLE TOWERS RESIDENT AND PARTICIPANT COMMUTER PARKING:  Parking is always a bit tricky on campus at UNC.  However, this year we have the highly unusual opportunity to have our participants who are staying at Granville Towers and our participants who are commuting to campus each day park at Granville Towers during the week at no extra charge to the participant according to the following policies:

  • First, all participants who require parking throughout the day during the week (Mon-Fri) must fill out the form that was emailed out in the Welcome Packet. Those who are lodging at GT but do not require parking (Mon-Fri) do not need to fill out the form.
  • Those who have paid for lodging at Granville Towers can park there throughout the week as needed and through the Friday afternoon/evening concert.
  • Participants who require commuter parking throughout the week can see Becca Clemens for a parking pass that will enable them to park at Granville Towers throughout the week.

HANDICAP PARKING:  If handicap parking is required, there are spaces in the Swain Lot (next to the music facilities) that we can provide access to.  Please let Becca Clemens or Jonathan Minnick know if handicap parking is needed so that arrangements can be made to provide access to the Swain Lot each day.

  The Kenan Music Building (125 S. Columbia Ave., Chapel Hill, NC) is located on Columbia St. between Franklin and Cameron Ave. next to the Hanes Art Building.  Hill Hall, where Moeser Auditorium is located, is located just across the Swain parking lot behind the KMB.  For all participants and family members who wish to attend the free evening concerts, parking is usually available to the public in the Swain lot directly behind the KMB after 5pm, when it usually becomes paid evening parking (except when the University reserves the lot for special events).  There is a machine close to the entrance of the lot that enables payment during evening hours.

PARKING FOR FAMILIES DURING THE 3pm FINAL FRIDAY STUDENT CONCERT:  Since the Swain Lot does not open up to the public until 5pm, for those who are not lodging at Granville Towers, parking in one of the decks on Rosemary Street is likely the best option (

Daily Drop-Off (during the week) – Parents may pull in and drop off their family members at the entrance to the Swain lot each day just outside the parking gates.

Monday Morning Gear Unload – The workshop has paid to have a teller lift the gates at the Swain Parking lot off Cameron Ave between 8am-noon.  When you arrive at the gate, just let the teller know that you’re there to drop off your equipment.  We’re not allowed to park in the Swain Lot before 5pm—I don’t want any of you to receive a ticket—but you have 10-15 minutes to unload your equipment before finding parking in another lot.