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Students planning to audition for the Department as part of their university application should visit this page for general information about procedures and dates. Request an audition using this form.

The audition can be considered part of consideration for scholarship as well as admission, but all appropriate applications must first be submitted to UNC admissions before an audition date will be granted.

In general, faculty advise students auditioning to perform two contrasting audition selections, including something with lyrical playing.

Select repertoire which will successfully demonstrate your abilities, including phrasing, rhythm, sound, technique, articulation, musical style, and fundamental musicianship. 

Students are encouraged to contact directly by email or phone (if applicable) the appropriate faculty member who will be able to answer your questions and advise in the application process.

Select music that demonstrates the beauty of your tone, the projection of your singing sound, and your ability to shape a musical phrase. Contrast this lyrical selection with a composition that demonstrates technical ability and fluency.  Articulation, accuracy, precision, range, flexibility, endurance, finger dexterity, or nimble slide work all represent aspects of technical ability and control.

The audition selections you perform may be from the solo repertoire or from etude books.  Orchestral excerpts are welcome but should not make up the bulk of your audition repertoire.

Remember that it is more impressive to project preparedness and musical confidence on literature you can master than to tackle overly difficult works and project musical insecurity.

Auditions performed from school band parts are not encouraged. 

Students are asked not to bring an accompanist, but you are welcome to perform concerti and similar works without a pianist for the audition.