The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Music gratefully thanks its donors of $100 or more who supported its students, faculty, programs and facilities in fiscal year 2016-2017. Every charitable gift made to the department strengthens its mission to enrich the campus, the students and the region through concerts, lectures and other public events. The generosity of alumni and friends provides opportunities for musical performances by students, faculty, guest artists and members of the community.

The 2017 Honor Roll recognizes donors who made gifts to the Music Department between July 1, 2016, and June 30, 2017.

The Honor Roll does not include pledges, bequests or other planned gifts to the department. Furthermore, it omits anonymous donors. This list has been prepared with great care to ensure its accuracy. If you have questions or would like to make a gift, please contact Angela O’Neill at 919-843-2745 or You can also visit:

Thank you, once again, for generously supporting the UNC Department of Music.


Department of Music 2017 Honor Roll

Mr. Wilton J. Aebersold, New Albany, IN

Ms. Cynthia Lyerly Alligood, Salisbury, NC

Ms. Michele L. Archer, Glen Allen, VA

Ms. Mary Clifford Aronds, Westfield, NJ

Mr. Paul Arons, Tallahassee, FL

Ms. Catherine Clifford Baker, Vienna, VA

Mrs. Gwen Hughes Barnes, Raleigh, NC

Ms. Martha Tinsley Beaudrot, Greenville, SC

Mr. David D. Beischer and Mrs. Michelle B. Beischer, Durham, NC

Ms. Dianne Hahn Berberich, Jamestown, NC

Mr. Alan Bergman and Ms. Marilyn Bergman, Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. David Clair Bloom and Dr. Linda Boswell Bloom, Gainesville, FL

Dr. Dorothee Jane Blum, Conestoga, PA

Saragene Glass Boericke, Hillsborough, NC

Mr. P. Scott Bouldin and Ms. Victoria M. Bouldin, Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Karen Denise Boyd, Knoxville, TN

Ms. Phyllis Grubb Brady, Tazewell, VA

Ms. Jennifer Brobst, Carbondale, IL

Mr. Eric Eugene Meyer and Ms. Erica R. Brody, Durham, NC

Mr. Steven Bromberg and Mrs. Dolly Bromberg, Durham, NC

Mr. John Stewart Brubaker and Ms. Alison Anthony Brubaker, Greensboro, NC

Mrs. Karen K. Buddendeck and Mr. Michael J. Buddendeck, Cary, NC

Mr. Jerry Burdi and Ms. Vita Burdi, Franklin Square, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Burnett, Greensboro, NC

Mr. Richard Clyde Burts III, Raleigh, NC

Wayne Michael Busch and Melissa Hastings Busch, Chicago, IL

Mr. Jonathan Patrick Caldwell and Ms. Rebecca Gurganious Caldwell, Blacksburg, VA

Mrs. Melanie W. Campbell and Mr. Joseph C. Campbell, Danville, VA

Mr. Perry Thomas Carroll, King, NC

Dr. Annegret Fauser and Dr. Tim Carter, Chapel Hill, NC

Mr. David Christopher Cash and Mrs. Pamela H. Cash, Winston-Salem, NC

Mr. Mark Cashin and Ms. Mary Lynn Cashin, Cary, NC

W. Lowry and Susan S. Caudill, Durham, NC

Mr. Paul Kenneth Cauthen, West Chester, OH

Mr. Stephen Caviness and Ms. Mary A. Caviness, Germantown, TN

Robert M. Chadwick, East Windsor, NJ

Mr. Jeffrey Edward Chandler and Ms. Paige Hershey Chandler, Chapel Hill, NC

Ms. Cely Carter Chicurel and Mr. William Mark Chicurel, Chapel Hill, NC

Richard Lee Clark and Linda H. Clark, Chapel Hill, NC

Mr. J. David Clawson Jr., Manteo, NC

Ms. Eileen Clifford, Fremont, CA

Rebecca and Munroe Cobey, Chapel Hill, NC

Captain Daniel Joseph Connors, APO, AE

Dr. Paul E. Corneilson, Medford, MA

Ann Rankin Cowan, Atlanta, GA

Keith O. Cowan, Atlanta, GA

Ms. Susan Cummings and Mr. R. Harris Cummings, Cary, NC

Donald W. Curtis and Barbara Curtis, Raleigh, NC

Dr. Heather Anne Decker, Champaign, IL

Mr. John Anthony DeSalva and Ms. Jill Stryker DeSalva, Redding, CT

Mr. Vincent DeSio and Mrs. Valerie DeSio, Rockville Centre, NY

Dr. Gerald DeWitt, Roseland, VA

Shaw Duncan, Greensboro, NC

Ms. Elizabeth Leftwich Eakes, Atlanta, GA

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Eason, Durham, NC

Ms. Elizabeth Ellis Eason, Durham, NC

Mr. James Dean Eddings, Gastonia, NC

David H. Ehrlich and Barbara B. Ehrlich, Washington, DC

Elizabeth Anna Evans, Chapel Hill, NC

Mr. William E. Falconer and Ms. Nina L. Falconer, Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Brian T. Farrer, Apex, NC

Carolyn J. Field, Pearland, TX

Mr. Andrew Michael Fleischman, Louisville, KY

Mr. Timothy Andrew Foskey, Charlotte, NC

Mr. Spencer Fox Jr. and Ms. Kathryn S. Fox, Winston-Salem, NC

Diane Frazier, Pittsboro, NC

David G. Frey, Grand Rapids, MI

Paul Fulton, Winston-Salem, NC

Ms. Barbara Ann Gaddy, Pineville, NC

Dr. Frank Walter Glass, New York, NY

Bill Ross and Susan Gravely, Chapel Hill, NC

Ms. Ann Clifford Green, Bethesda, MD

Drs. L. and O. E. Greenwald, Efland, NC

Ms. Maggie Elizabeth Grossman, Chicago, IL

Steven and Gail Grossman, Chapel Hill, NC

Julia S. Grumbles, Chapel Hill, NC

William Henry Grumbles, Chapel Hill, NC

Janet Hadler, Chapel Hill, NC

Mr. Edward Kevin Hahn, Falls Church, VA

Ms. Marie Joji Haines and Mr. David Haines, Blythewood, SC

Mr. Donald James Hamilton, Fort Worth, TX

Gordon G. Hamrick, Shelby, NC

Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Hamrick, College Park, MD

Mr. Lewis Jefferson Hardee Jr., New York, NY

Mrs. JoAnn Towery Harllee and Mr. James Edgar Harllee, Chapel Hill, NC

Ms. Jessica Leigh Harrington, Arlington, VA

Mr. William Orndoff Headlee, Syracuse, NY

Ms. Dawn M. Hedgecock and Mr. Joseph Hedgecock, Durham, NC

Mr. Billy Lynn Helton and Ms. Del Hunt Helton, Durham, NC

Mr. Rex R. Hollis and Ms. Polly R. Hollis, Mooresville, NC

Ms. Kathleen Battle Hopkins, Arlington, VA

Dr. Daniel M. Huff and Dr. Ann L. Huff, Durham, NC

Mr. R. Andrew Ierardi and Ms. Jennifer Wooten Ierardi, Oak Park, IL

Mr. William Harris Ipock Jr., Chesapeake, VA

Mr. Fred Herbert Kameny, Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Barry Alan Katz and Dr. Belinda Rose Novik, Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Thomas Forrest Kelly, Ipswich, MA

Thomas Stephen Kenan III, Chapel Hill, NC

Ms. Susan Margaret Ketch and Dr. James Edward Ketch, Durham, NC

Mrs. Sumeyya Khan and Mr. Shahid Khan, San Francisco, CA

Ms. Susan Klebanow, Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Edward Leon Kottick, Iowa City, IA

Ms. Helen Mary Krauss, Raleigh, NC

Mr. Michael Kris and Mrs. Brenda Kris, Wake Forest, NC

Dr. Jay Odell Lambeth and Ms. Phyllis Saverance Lambeth, Greensboro, NC

Mr. Oren Mitchell Lang-Furr and Dr. Mary B. Lang-Furr, Seattle, WA

Mr. Randall Lanier, Chapel Hill, NC

Mr. Bennie Mark Laughter and Ms. R. Lynette Laughter, Rocky Face, GA

Mr. Dennis Michael Lavine and Ms. Kathleen Knotts-Lavine, San Diego, CA

Ms. Barbara Johnson Lewis, South Jordan, UT

Ms. Amy Lindsey, Winston-Salem, NC

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Liotta, Mooresville, NC

Ms. Beatrice I. Litt, Chapel Hill, NC

Mr. Jack Livingston, Hillsborough, NC

Mr. C. Blake Long, Clayton, NC

Ms. Margaret Frishe Lospinuso and Mr. Louis K. Lospinuso, Durham, NC

Mrs. Jennifer Cassell MacFarlane, New York, NY

Dr. E. John Markushewski Jr. and Ms. Cynthia K. Markushewski, Huntsville, AL

Mr. Lonnie Turner Matthews and Ms. Betty Blomquist Matthews, Burlington, NC

Mr. Daniel W. McAlister, Raleigh, NC

Miriam Ferebee McFadden, Nashville, TN

Dr. Jenny Marie McGuire, Greensboro, NC

Mr. Harvey Horatio Miller Jr., Brevard, NC

Mr. William Leonard Mitchell III, Oxford, NC

Ms. Kathryn Protin Mitchell, Gastonia, NC

Mr. Mitchell Craig Moehring and Dr. Rebekah W. Moehring, Hillsborough, NC

Mr. Garth Molyneux, Carrboro, NC

Ms. Darcey Moore, Apex, NC

Mr. John Kenton Moore Jr. and Ms. Andrea Bath Moore, Charlotte, NC

Mr. Kenneth Morehead, Durham, NC

Mr. Rodric Livingston and Ms. Deborah L. Murray, Hillsborough, NC

Ms. Carolee Eakes Nail, Cary, NC

Ms. Michele Richards Natale, Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Carol Dell Newman, Atlanta, GA

Thomas LaFontine Odom and Carmen H. Odom, Charlotte, NC

Mr. Michael O’Leary and Ms. Darci O’Leary, Cary, NC

Professor Tonu Kalam and Ms. Karyn Janell Ostrom, Chapel Hill, NC

Mr. and Mrs. Willard J. Overlock, Jr., Greenwich, CT

Mr. David M. Parker, Chapel Hill, NC

Florence and James L. Peacock, Chapel Hill, NC

Ms. Ann Cameron Pearce and Mr. Irvin A. Pearce, Raleigh, NC

Mrs. Alani Nichols Perry, Durham, NC

Linda and Roger Perry, Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Kay Salyer Pitt, Charlottesville, VA

Mr. Loren Dallas Pitt, Charlottesville, VA

John A. Powell, New Orleans, LA

Ms. Mary Lamar Price, Davidson, NC

Ms. Shirley Carpenter Pridgen, North Chesterfield, VA

Kristine Karen Forney and William Flaville Prizer, Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Lilian P. Pruett, Chapel Hill, NC

Mr. Benjamin Shey Pruitt, Hillsborough, NC

Mr. Albert T. Ray, Raleigh, NC

Mr. Robert Morrison Reed, Short Hills, NJ

Dr. Terry Ellen Rhodes, Chapel Hill, NC

Ms. Lisa Ricciardi, Rye, NY

Jamie Rice, Hunt Valley, MD

Ms. Rachel Anne Robinson, Durham, NC

Mr. Stephen M. Robinson and Ms. Esther M. Robinson, Spring, TX

Mr. Elias Roochvarg and Dr. Linda Berger Roochvarg, Charlotte, NC

F. Kevin Russell, Scottsdale, AZ

Ms. Content Sablinsky, Charlottesville, VA

Mr. Philip S. Salib and Dr. Brea Christianne Salib, Raleigh, NC

Mr. Gianni Scattolini and Ms. Lynn Scattolini, Chapel Hill, NC

Mr. Kevin Matthew Scheiderich, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Henry Louis Schmidt III, Allentown, PA

Ms. Julie Michelle Schneider, Atlanta, GA

Nelson Schwab III, Charlotte, NC

Ms. Donna Russell Scott, Eden Prairie, MN

Andrea D. Seeney, Milton, GA

Mr. Bruce R. Sheinhaus and Mrs. Laurie Sheinhaus, Charlotte, NC

Ms. Alexandria Barley Smith and Mr. Christopher B. Smith, Rockingham, NC

Dr. Brooks de Wetter-Smith and Ms. Mary Lou Smith, Chapel Hill, NC

Mr. Philip Melancthon Snyder III, Durham, NC

Mr. Ronald Hutchison Springs, Ridgecrest, NC

Mr. William Forrest Stewart and Mr. David Neil Stein, El Cerrito, CA

Alan Clements Stephenson and Shannon Kennedy Stephenson, Chapel Hill, NC

Mr. Brian Warren Clancy Sturm and Dr. Belinda Sue McSwain Sturm, Lawrence, KS

Mr. Thomas G. Sullivan and Ms. Cristina M. Sullivan, Jacksonville, NC

Mr. Patrick Mortell and Ms. Barb Thomas, Chapel Hill, NC

Ms. Meredith George Thomas, Charleston, WV

Davis Leon Thompson, Jr., Beaverton, OR

Mr. Justin Elbert Tillett and Ms. Ashley Conley Tillett, Hillsborough, NC

Ms. Sarah Tillis, Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Timothy Kent Tippin and Ms. Cynthia Ellen Rewerts, Efland, NC

Dr. Louise Toppin, Ann Arbor, MI

Mr. James Townson, Raleigh, NC

Mr. Robert W. Upchurch, Durham, NC

Mr. James Albert Wade Jr. and Ms. Susan J. Wade, Roxboro, NC

Ms. Lorraine Robertson Waguespack, Durham, NC

Mr. Ronald Whang and Ms. Patrice Whang, San Francisco, CA

Ms. Lisa Renee Whiteheart, Durham, NC

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Wickham, Charlotte, NC

Ms. Mary Beth Wire, Apex, NC

Mr. Brent S. Wissick, Carrboro, NC

Ms. Denise Whang Woo, San Francisco, CA

Libby and Jenner Wood, Atlanta, GA

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Wood, Atlanta, GA

Ms. Daria Wuycik Wooten and Mr. James Randolph Wooten Jr., Welcome, NC

Mr. Michael William Zenge and Ms. Jeanine H. Zenge, Albuquerque, NM

Mr. Ian Robert Zook, Harrisonburg, VA

Corporations, Foundations, Estates, and Trusts

Bessemer Improvement Company

Bridgestone Americas – Matching Gifts

Caudill Family Foundation

CMG Partners, LLC

Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

Cowan Foundation

DOMO, Inc.

Ernst & Young Matching Gifts

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Foundation for the Carolinas

Fox Family Foundation

Frey Foundation

GEICO Matching Gifts

GlaxoSmithKline Matching Gifts

IBM Corporation Matching Gifts

Marsh & McLennan Matching Gifts

Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.

Oakwood Foundation Charitable Trust

Peacock Ventures LLC

Randleigh Foundation Trust

Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Snyder Watchorn Foundation Inc

Southern Company Services Matching Gifts

The Curtis Foundation, Inc.

The Defiant Requiem Foundation

The Eason Foundation

The L&C Wood Family Foundation, Inc.

The Winston-Salem Foundation

Triangle Community Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gifts

William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust

Zenge Trust