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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Music gratefully thanks its donors of $100 or more who supported its students, faculty, programs and facilities in fiscal year 2020-2021. Every charitable gift made to the department strengthens its mission to enrich the campus, the students and the region through concerts, lectures and other public events. The generosity of alumni and friends provides opportunities for musical performances by students, faculty, guest artists and members of the community.

The 2021 Honor Roll recognizes donors who made gifts to the Music Department between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021.

The Honor Roll does not include pledges, bequests or other planned gifts to the department. Furthermore, it omits anonymous donors. This list has been prepared with great care to ensure its accuracy. If you have questions or would like to make a gift, please contact Kathryn Banas at the Arts and Sciences Foundation at 919-843-2745 or You can also visit:

Thank you, once again, for generously supporting the UNC Department of Music.


Department of Music 2021 Honor Roll

Mr. Grant Charles Abrams of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Elyse Janet Adrian of Garland, TX
Mr. D. Alexander Albright of Fountain, NC
Dr. Joshua Jacob Alexander and Ms. Erica Scher Alexander of Durham, NC
Dr. Barbara Carol Allen of Huntingdon Valley, PA
Ms. Ashley Soo Allen of Jonesboro, AR
Ms. Cynthia Lyerly Alligood of Salisbury, NC
Dr. E. Jackson Allison Jr. and Ms. Susan E. Wilson of Asheville, NC
Ms. Sarah Lane Anderson and Mr. Phill Walker Anderson of Marietta, GA
Dr. Allen Louis Anderson and Ms. Tama P. Hochbaum of Chapel Hill, NC
Mrs. Nicole Kristine Anderson-Morgan of Springfield, VA
Dr. John David Andrako of Richmond, VA
Ms. Clarice Chavonne Andrews of Swansboro, NC
Mr. Benjamin Gary Andrews of Charlotte, NC
Mr. Samuel James Arbes III of Mobile, AL
Ms. Michele Archer of Glen Allen, VA
Ms. Leonda Casina Archer of Burke, VA
Ms. Emily Katherine Arnold of Granite Falls, NC
Ms. Jennifer Anne Bachus of Albuquerque, NM
Mr. Charles Christopher Bailey and Ms. Shana Dawn Bailey of Cary, NC
Mr. Kemp Alan Baker and Dr. Marilynn Welch Baker of Kernersville, NC
Mr. Ralph Harold Ballard Jr. of Longs, SC
Ms. Sarah Van Hoose Banko of Mebane, NC
Ms. Natalie Paige Barefoot of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Richelle Leigh Barker of Laurel, MD
Ms. Dara Roberts Barnes of Cary, NC
The Reverend Dr. Clay Lamont Barrow and Dr. Tawana Walker Barrow of Greensboro, NC
Mr. Kyle William Bartley and Ms. Tonya Heatherly Bartley of Flat Rock, NC
Mrs. Michelle Gordon Bartley Croton of On Hudson, NY
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Batchelor of Springfield, PA
Dr. Mary Elizabeth Batten of Jamestown, NC
Dr. Amy Grace Bigus Beach of Saint James, NY
Mr. Rick E. Beam Jr. of Shelby, NC
Ms. Elizabeth Theresa Beauvais of Apex, NC
Mr. Ryan Layne Beaver and Dr. Jessica Smith Beaver of Montgomery, AL
Mr. Jason Brett Beckham of San Francisco, CA
Mr. Ayman Anthony Bejjani of Holly Springs, NC
Ms. Jessica Peery Belger of Charleston, SC
Mrs. Christine Demeritt Bell and Dr. Gerald D. Bell of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Alyssa Nicole Bensky of Charlotte, NC
Ms. Sharon Angela Berg of Morrisville, NC
Dr. Stephanie Helena Best of Charleston, SC
Dr. Susan Bickford and Mr. Gregory E. McAvoy of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Catherine Suzanne Bieksha and Mr. David James Turnquist of Arlington, MA
Mrs. Molly Bryan Bigelow and Mr. Ralph Jordan Bigelow Jr. of Hampstead, NC
Ms. Caroline M. Billingsley of Salisbury, NC
Ms. RoAnn Marie Bishop of Marion, NC
Mrs. Regina Hannelore Black of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. David Clair Bloom and Dr. Linda Boswell Bloom of Gainesville, FL
Mr. C. Whitner Blount III of Charlotte, NC
Dr. Dorothee Jane Blum of Conestoga, PA
Ms. Melissa Mencer Bocchino of Belmont, NC
Mr. P. Scott Bouldin and Ms. Victoria M. Bouldin of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Karen Denise Boyd of Knoxville, TN
Mr. Logan Michael Brackett of Mebane, NC
Ms. Phyllis Grubb Brady of Tazewell, VA
Mr. Leonard Arthur Brendel of Drexel, NC
Dr. Stephanie Lauren Brennan of Philadelphia, PA
Ms. Conne Lovett Bridenbaugh and Mr. David Neil Bridenbaugh of Apex, NC
Mr. Marc David Bromberg of Downingtown, PA
Mr. Steven Bromberg and Mrs. Dolly Bromberg of Washington, D.C.
Mr. Kenneth Robert Brown of Great Mills, MD
William Brown Jr. of Simpsonville, SC
Ms. Emily Ruth Bruestle Silver Spring MD
Mrs. Karen K. Buddendeck and Mr. Michael J. Buddendeck of Apex, NC
Mr. Jerome A. Burdi and Ms. Vita Anne Burdi of Franklin Square, NY
Mr. James Edward Burdin and Dr. Rachel Steindel Burdin of Dover, NH
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Burney of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Richard Clyde Burts III of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Melissa Hastings Busch and Mr. Wayne Michael Busch of Chicago, IL
Dr. Debra Wulfhorst Byrd of Hickory, NC
Ms. Kathryn Byrd of Apex, NC
Mrs. Kelly Austin Caldwell of Easley, SC
Ms. Amie Beth Cangelosi of Reston, VA
Ms. Amy Jo Ruff Carey of Charlotte, NC
Mr. Perry Thomas Carroll of King, NC
Mr. Barry Gwyn Carroll Jr. and Ms. Amy Dohm Carroll of Holly Springs, NC
Mr. Evan Edward Carroll of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Toi Yvette Carter of Bethesda, MD
Mr. Charles Kevin Carter and Ms. Emily Pulley Carter of Mount Pleasant, SC
Robin Gale Carter of Greensboro, NC
Mr. David Christopher Cash and Mrs. Pamela H. Cash of Winston Salem, NC
Mr. Mark Edwin Cashin and Ms. Allison Taube Cashin of Garner, NC
Ms. Alyssa Cataldi of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Philip Price Cave Jr. of Arlington, VA
Mr. Stephen Caviness and Ms. Mary A. Caviness of Germantown, TN
Ms. Joan E. Caviness and Dr. Scot K. Huber of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Robert Michael Chadwick and Dr. Kristina Dam Chadwick of East Windsor, NJ
Ms. Linda Keith Chadwick and Mr. Frederick Adam Chadwick of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Jeffrey Edward Chandler and Mrs. Paige Hershey Chandler of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Amanda Eggerding Chheda of Tega Cay, SC
Mrs. Haley Yates Childers and Mr. Michael William Childers of Fleetwood, NC
Dr. Marcia Judith Citron of Houston, TX
Dr. Richard Lee Clark and Ms. Linda Horne Clark of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Rosemary H. Claudy of Pittsboro, NC
Mr. David John Clawson of Manteo, NC
Ms. Jennifer Joyner Cleland of Winston Salem, NC
Mr. Christopher David Cline of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Alec Comella and Ms. Sarah Margaret Casey-Summers of Wilmington,NC
Captain Daniel Joseph Connors
Ms. Emma Alexandra Conrad of Winston Salem, NC
Mr. Daniel Paul Cook of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Leon Harper Copeland of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Paul E. Corneilson of Medford, MA
Mrs. Julia A. Cowden of Murfreesboro, TN
Ms. Edith Dell Cowper of Cary, NC
Mr. Andrew Todd Cox and Ms. Monica Ann Cox of Apex, NC
Mr. Kevin Christopher Cox of Powder Springs, GA
Dr. Christopher Patrick Craig and Ms. Jamie Miller Craig of Wilmington, NC
Mr. Ernest Bright Cranford Jr. of Hiddenite, NC
Mr. Wells W.W. Cranford of Durham, NC
Ms. Shannon Elizabeth Crate of Wilmington, NC
Mr. William J. Cross and Ms. Vivian Hayes Cross of Burlington, NC
Mr. Danny Charles Cunningham and Ms. Laurel Horton Cunningham of Fayetteville, NC
Mrs. Noelle Dorsey Davenport and Mr. John Ballard Davenport of Milton, GA
Mr. Charles William Davis and Ms. Katherine Kurtz Davis of Fort Collins, CO
Mr. Joseph Samuel Davis of Tryon, NC
Dr. J. Ronald Davis Jr. and Ms. Tammie Thomas Davis of Carrboro, NC
Mr. Charles William Davis and Ms. Katherine Kurtz Davis of Fort Collins, CO
Ms. Sonya Jones Dawson of Raleigh, NC
Mr. John Powell Deason III and Ms. Tina Griffin Deason of Durham, NC
Ms. Jennifer Helms Deaton and Mr. Joseph Edmund Deaton Jr. of Greensboro, NC
Dr. Heather Anne Decker of Osseo, MN
Mr. Thomas Michael DeFeo of Statesville, NC
Ms. Rebecca Jean Delk of Columbia, MD
Ms. Melissa Vassilion Depelchin of Las Vegas, NV
Mr. Vincent DeSio and Mrs. Valerie M. Desio of Rockville Centre, NY
Dr. David Matthew DeWeese and Dr. Sarah Love Taylor of Greensboro, NC
Mr. Walter C. Dietrich Jr. of Armonk, NY
Dr. Nicholas William DiEugenio and Mrs. Naomi C. Solomon of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Samantha Cleo Dikolli of Durham, NC
Mr. James Hammond Dilda of Kernersville, NC
Mr. James Patrick Dillon of Brookhaven, GA
Ms. Mary Morrison Pennington Dixon of Farmville, NC
Dr. William Humphrey Doares III of Advance, NC
Mr. Paul Joseph Dolan of New Providence, NJ
Mr. Raymond E. DuBose and Ms. Carolyn Shore DuBose of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Nicole Natasha Duggins of Fayetteville, NC
Mrs. Lisa Moonschein Duke and Mr. William Chadwick Duke of Greenville, NC
Dr. G. Shaw Duncan and Mrs. Caroline S. Duncan of Greensboro ,NC
Mr. Bradford McCain Dunnagan of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Elizabeth Leftwich Eakes of Atlanta, GA
Mr. Andrew Hargrove Edmundson and Ms. Sharon Goddard Edmundson of Holly Springs, NC
Mrs. Donna Christine Eisen of Mount Pleasant, SC
Ms. Rebecca Hemmig Elliott of Waxhaw, NC
Ms. Crystal Marie Elsner of Laurel, DE
Mr. Henry Alfred Engler III of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Ryan Eusebio of Shelby, NC
Dr. Jose E. Eusebio and Ms. Catherine M. Eusebio of Shelby, NC
Ms. Elizabeth A. Evans of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Matthew Lee Farley of Charleston, WV
Ms. Martha Samuel Farmer and Mr. Timothy Lee Farmer of Clemmons, NC
Ms. Elizabeth Rhyne Farmer and Mr. Tyler Farmer of Dallas, NC
Dr. Joel Stanley Feigin and Professor Severine Neff of Goleta, CA
Dr. Kevin T. Felder of Fayetteville, NC
Ms. Tamberly Elizabeth Ferguson of Pittsboro, NC
Ms. Laia Ferrer of Vila Vallirana, Barcelona
Ms. Meredith Adele Fish of Kitty Hawk, NC
Ms. Brooke Noel Fisher of Durham, NC
Mr. Andrew M. Fleischman of Louisville, KY
Mr. J. Tasker Fleming Jr. of Norwood, NC
Ms. Carlee Sue Forbes of Culver City, CA
Mr. John S. Forlines and Ms. Janet Forlines of Washington, D.C.
Dr. William F. Prizer II and Dr. Kristine Karen Forney of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Mason Lee Forrest of Kannapolis, NC
Mr. Howard Spencer Fox Jr. and Ms. Kathryn S. Fox of Winston Salem, NC
Ms. Rita Ann Franks of Newburgh, IN
Ms. Lindsey Kristin Freeman of Columbia, MO
Mrs. Jackie L. Fuchs and Mr. Gerald Wayne Fuchs of Kansas City, MO
Ms. Lauren E. Fuller of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. David F. Garcia of Durham, NC
Dr. John Alden Gardiner and Ms. Paula S. Gardiner of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Phillip Reid Gardner of Cayce, SC
Mr. Christopher Figueroa George of Brooklyn, NY
Mr. Joseph Robert Gibbs of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Leoncio Gil and Ms. Sherrie Gil of Pueblo, CO
Ms. Bernadette Monica Gillis of Durham, NC
Mr. Thomas Clinton Ginn of Washington, D.C.
Dr. Frank Walter Glass of New York, NY
Mr. Dandrick Shenod Glenn and Ms. Shamiika Queen Glenn of Greensboro, NC
Dr. John Frazier Glenn II of Brunswick, MD
Ms. Cheryl M. Glenn
Ms. Wendy Gold of Gibsonville, NC
Ms. Susanne Dietz Goldberg of Germantown, MD
Ms. Kimberly Tweedy Goodman of Shelby, NC
Ms. Katherine Nicole Gora Combs of Cary, NC
Mr. Eddie Glenn Gouge of Spruce Pine, NC
Mr. Michael Francis Grace and Mrs. Laura Babb Grace of Charlotte, NC
Dr. Cynthia Renee Greenlee of Concord, NC
Dr. Lewis Greenwald and Dr. Olive Greenwald of Efland, NC
Dr. Jeffrey John Gregg Jr. of Morrisville, NC
Mr. Willard Henry Griffin III and Ms. Karen Eckel Griffin of Winston Salem, NC
Mr. Anthony Bryan Grosch and Ms. Shea Setzer Grosch of Asheboro, NC
Mr. John Daniel Grossfuss of Garner, NC
Dr. Steven Howard Grossman and Mrs. Gail Harrison Grossman of Chapel Hill, NC
Zhenglin Gu of Cary, NC
Sharayu Gugnani of Cary, NC
Ms. Janet Wachtell Hadler of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Edward Kevin Hahn Falls Church VA
Ms. Rachel Robinson Hahn and Mr. George Hahn III of Canton, NC
Ms. Sarah E. Hamrick of College Park, MD
Mr. Andrew David Hans of Raleigh, NC
Dr. Amanda Sellers Harper and Mr. Edward M. Harper Jr. of Concord, NC
Mr. Larry Thomas Harper Jr. of Clayton, NC
Ms. Jessica Leigh Harrington of Arlington, VA
Ms. Kathy Rockett Harris of Conover, NC
Ms. Amy Lynn Harris of Winston Salem, NC
Mrs. Dana Hackett Harris of Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Michael Scott Harris and Ms. Suzette Rochat Harris of Dallas, TX
Mr. Robert I. Harris of Durham, NC
Mrs. April Triplett Harrison and Mr. Derek Lamar Harrison of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Sharyn Jill Harrison of Apex, NC
Ms. Heather Hyun Harrison of Chicago, IL
Mr. Edmond James Harrison III of Brooklyn, NY
Mr. John Anderson Hartley Jr. and Ms. Susan Caldwell Hartley of Apex, NC
Mr. Terry Scott Hartman of Durham, NC
Ms. Dawn M. Hedgecock and Mr. Joseph Hedgecock of Durham, NC
Mr. Billy Lynn Helton and Ms. Del Hunt Helton of Durham, NC
Ms. Patrice Ann Hewlett of Garne,r NC
Ms. Erica M. Hicks of Gastonia, NC
Mrs. Katherine Bruce Hiltbold of Hillsborough, NC
Ms. Peggy M. Hitchcock of Tucson, AZ
Mr. Kenneth Deaton Hitchings and Mrs. Angela Kelley Hitchings of Kernersville, NC
Ms. Jennifer Lammonds Hollar and Mr. Eric Hollar of Durham, NC
Mr. Barry Kevin Holmes and Ms. Julia Ashley Holmes of Clemmons, NC
Mr. Brian Joseph Holtshouser of Raleigh, NC
Colonel Floyd Collins Hood Jr. and Ms. Ellen James Hood of Wilmington, NC
Lieutenant Colonel James David Hood and Mrs. Cathryn Hood
Mr. Albert Blanton Hood of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Philip L. Hoover of Marietta, GA
Ms. Kathleen Battle Hopkins of Arlington, VA
Ms. Ellen J. Horak of Emporia, KS
Dr. Caroline Byrd Hornburg of Christiansburg, VA
Mr. William Stansbury Horne Jr. and Ms. Melinda Miller Horne of Tampa, FL
Dr. Delpha LeAnn House of Duluth, MN
Mr. Jason W. Howell of Seattle, WA
Mr. G. Kenneth Howell Jr. and Ms. Jeanne Marie Martin of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Denise Bruschi Hua of Overland Park, KS
Ms. Alexandra Bradsher Hubbard and Mr. William Brad Hubbard of Versailles, KY
Dr. Daniel M. Huff and Dr. Ann L. Huff of Durham, NC
Mr. Luke Edward Huffman and Ms. Margaret Unger Huffman of Holly Springs, NC
Mr. George William Huntley III of Carrboro, NC
Dr. Christopher Howard Hurst and Dr. Nicole Whisnant Hurst of West Roxbury, MA
Mr. Hugh Moseley Hussey III of Wilson, NC
Mr. Vi Gia Huynh of Pepper Pike, OH
Mr. Robert Andrew Ierardi and Ms. Jennifer Wooten Ierardi of River Forest, IL
Mr. Paul Michael Ingram and Ms. Amanda Manning Ingram of Parkton, NC
Ms. Danielle Kristen Isetts of Durham, NC
Ms. Tiffany Sherburn Jackson of Los Angeles ,CA
Dr. Jane Vial Jaffe and Mr. Peter Jaffe of Stockton, CA
Mr. Gregory Lee Jenkins and Dr. Stephanie Quick Jenkins of Durham, NC
Mr. Ryan Thomas Jewell and Ms. Leslie Lynn Jewell of Durham, NC
Mr. Ivan Haynes Johnson of Matthews, NC
Ms. Turner-Marie Lynn Johnson and Mr. Drew Johnson of Morrisville, NC
Ms. Allison Leslie Johnson of Arlington, VA
Dr. Heidi Jane Jordan of Carrollton, TX
Mr. Fred Herbert Kameny of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Christian John Kammerman and Ms. Elsabet Tekola Fisseha of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Leigh Anne Kasias of High Point, NC
Ms. Jordan Elizabeth Keeney of Durham, NC
Ms. Barbara Greenlee Kelly and Mr. Charles Brantley Kelly of Durham, NC
Mr. Andrew Charles Kelly of Durham, NC
Ms. Natalie Ledford Kerr of Rochelle Park, NJ
Mr. Christopher William Keuler and Ms. Rachel Leah Franklin Keuler of San Francisco, CA
Mr. Arthur Sunghwan Kim of Durham, NC
Mr. Ronald M. Kimmel and Mrs. Elizabeth Romm Kimmel of Dunn, NC
Ms. Amy Kristine Kirkhum of Raleigh, NC
Mrs. Amy Rome Kiser and Mr. William Grier Kiser of Belmont, NC
Ms. Susan Klebanow of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Cheryl Steinsberger Klein of Pittsboro, NC
Ms. Marian Gabrielle Knotts of Shelby, NC
Mr. Timothy Alan Kohring and Ms. Allison Robitaille Kohring of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Hariklea V. Kokenes of Charlotte, NC
Mr. Kevin John Kolb and Ms. Jennifer Simms Kolb of Naperville, IL
Ms. April Horvath Koller and Mr. Andreas Jakob Koller of Gig Harbor, WA
Ms. Susan Green Koluch and Mr. Wayne W. Koluch of Morrisville, NC
Dr. Keith Petty Koons of Oviedo, FL
Ms. Ellen Leinwand Kort and Mr. Stephen David Kort of Broomfield, CO
Ms. Lisa Rowland Kozloff of Clover, SC
Mr. Erik Peter Kristiansen and Ms. Jennifer Wilder Kristiansen of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Krista Eckel Krueger of Huntersville, NC
Mr. James Robert Kulesher and Ms. Laura Ellis Kulesher of Oakland, CA
Mr. Adam Paul Kunesh of Terrell, NC
Zoe Kushubar of Campobello, SC
Mr. William Thomas Lahti of Raleigh, NC
Dr. Jay Odell Lambeth and Ms. Phyllis Saverance Lambeth of Greensboro, NC
Dr. Andrew Paul Landstrom and Mrs. Jennifer Jordan Landstrom of Hillsborough, NC
Mr. James Frederick Lane and Ms. Sarah Grover Lane of Midlothian, VA
Ms. Megan Elizabeth Laney of Tallahassee, FL
Mr. Bryson Carl Lapping of Carthage, NC
Mrs. Heather Isles Larnach of Penicuik, Scotland
Ms. Megan Long Laskarzewski of Somerville, MA
Mr. Dennis Michael Lavine and Ms. Kathleen Knotts-Lavine of San Diego, CA
Ms. Stephanie Rebecca Lawless and Mr. Charles William Lawless of Mount Holly, NC
Mr. Kevin J. Lawrence and Mrs. Barbara A. Lawrence of Winston Salem, NC
Ms. Catherine Thiel Lee and Mr. Michael Thomas Lee of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Hyun Ho Lee of Apex, NC
Mr. Aaron Markus Lefkowitz of Orlando, FL
Ms. Lamesha Yvonne Lennon of Durham, NC
Mr. Deondre Junelle Lester of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Joshua Nathan Levy of Raleigh, NC
Mrs. Julie Schneider Levy of Atlanta, GA
Ms. Leslie Sharp Lewis of Reidsville, NC
Mr. Robert Mack Lewis and Ms. Gloria Lightsey-Lewis of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Matthew Daren Lillis of Oakland, CA
Ms. Emily Marie Lineberger of Charlotte, NC
Ms. Laura Lynn Lineberger of Cary, NC
Mr. Peter Scott Lineberry of Dale City, VA
Mr. Matthew J. Litzsinger of Morrisville, NC
Mr. Rodric Livingston and Ms. Deborah L. Murray of Dulles, VA
Ms. Kristin Ivey Locklear of Winnabow, NC
Mr. Charles Blake Long of Clayton, NC
Ms. Kathryn Miller Loveland and Mr. Jeffrey David Loveland of Greenville, SC
Ms. Ronae Lynette Lowe of Raleigh, NC
Mr. James Arthur Lucas Jr. and Ms. Dubba Kay Hughes Lucas of Cary, NC
Mr. Peter MacBeth of Raleigh, NC
Mrs. Jennifer Cassell MacFarlane of Rye, NY
Dr. Erin K. Maher of Media, PA
Mrs. Phaedra Leigh Mangan Rocha of Westborough, MA
Mr. Hunter J. Markson of Charlotte, NC
Dr. E. John Markushewski Jr. and Ms. Cynthia K. Markushewski of Huntsville, AL
Ms. Alanna Grace Marron of Durham, NC
Dr. William Hollowell Marsh and Ms. Pamela Hardy Marsh of Isle of Palms, SC
Ms. Melanie Anne Martin of Lakewood Ranch, FL
Mr. Michael Jack Martine and Ms. Emily Fox Martine of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Laura Natasha Mason of Naples, FL
Ms. Cristen Whitley Matilainen and Mr. Johan Andreas Matilainen of Charlotte, NC
Mr. M. Kirby Matthews Jr. and Ms. Theresa Matthews of Denton, NC
Ms. Catherine Elizabeth Matthieu of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. David L. Mayer of Seattle, WA
Dr. Herbert Brown Mayo of Ringoes, NJ
Mr. Keith Fisher McCombs and Ms. Julia Morgan McCombs of Fuquay Varina, NC
Mr. Brighton McConnell and Ms. Sarah Bethany Kurzel of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Jennifer McCosby of New York, NY
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth McCulla of Matthews, NC
Ms. Channing Ja’mel McCullough of Nashville, TN
Ms. Frances Salisbury McDowell-Beadle of Atlanta, GA
Mr. Ronald Howard McFarlane and The Honorable Nancy Louise McFarlane of Raleigh, NC
Dr. Jenny Marie McGuire of Greensboro, NC
Ms. Amelia Christine McKay of Huntersville, NC
Mr. C. Milton McNatt and Ms. Trudy Brown McNatt of Fredericksburg, VA
Ms. Mariah Anne Meador and Mr. Gavin Michael Eutsler of Morrisville, NC
Mrs. Ashley Clark Medina of Concord, NC
Lee A. Meitrodt of Wilmington, NC
Laurel Shae Meitrodt of Wilmington, NC
Dr. David Andrew Meola of Mobile, AL
Mr. Mark William Merritt and Ms. Lindsay Gray Merritt of Charlotte, NC
Ms. Jenny Louise Merritt of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Allison Kay Meyer of Moncure, NC
Mr. Samuel Joseph Miano of Charlotte, NC
Mr. David Ryan Michaud of Cary, NC
Susan Collins Mikitka of Wilmington, NC
Dr. Margaret S. Miles of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Harvey Horatio Miller Jr. of Brevard, NC
Ms. Jodi Sanderlin Mills and Mr. John Thomas Mills of Mebane, NC
Mr. Jason Christopher Mills and Ms. Elizabeth McAllister Mills of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Jonathan Robert Minnick of Davis, CA
Dr. Anne Dvorak Misher of Gastonia, NC
Ms. Rhea Shaney Mitchell of Newton, NC
Mrs. Kathryn Protin Mitchell and Mr. Christopher Mitchell of Sunnyvale, CA
Mr. Mitchell Craig Moehring and Dr. Rebekah W. Moehring of Hillsborough, NC
Dr. James C. Moeser and Dr. Susan Dickerson Moeser of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. David Hunt Moody and Ms. Mary Alice Gibbs Moody of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Samuel Robert Moore and Ms. Linda C. Moore of Clemmons, NC
Ms. Katherine Elizabeth Moore of Durham, NC
Ms. Karen Friedmann Moorman of Durham, NC
Mr. Phillip Keith Morris and Ms. Nancy McIlwain Morris of Roanoke, VA
Mr. Nicholas Edward Morrison and Mrs. Leslie Jane Timmons of Logan, UT
Mr. Robert T. Morrison and Mrs. Carol B. Morrison of Alexandria, VA
Mrs. Mary Alice Murphy and Mr. Michael Peeples Murphy of Black Mountain, NC
Ms. Patricia Louise Murphy of Jacksonville, FL
Mr. Charles W. Myers and Ms. Susan Trexler Myers of Concord, NC
Ms. Dorothy Davis Nachman of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Carolee Eakes Nail of Cary, NC
Ms. Michele Richards Natale of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Patrick J. Neligan Jr. and Ms. Maura V. Neligan of Dallas, TX
Mr. Zachary Todd Nelson of Irvine, CA
Mr. John Richard Newbanks Sr. of Charlotte, NC
Dr. Carol Dell Newman of Atlanta, GA
Dr. Larry Wayne Nissen of Merritt Island, FL
Ms. Erin Malson Noble of Fairfax, VA
Mrs. Robin Huffines O’Connor and Mr. Sean Thomas O’Connor of Cary, NC
Mrs. Jane A. O’Donoghue and Timothy D. O’Donoghue of Charlotte, NC
Dr. Sarah Catherine Ogden of Gastonia, NC
Mrs. Justina Ingram O’Neil-Parker and Mr. Nathaniel Parker of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Kimberly Lynne Orr of Durham, NC
Dr. Ty Dodson Osborne of Commack, NY
Ms. Katherine Ann Overmyer of Madison, WI
Dr. Russ Glenn Owens III and Ms. Robyn Fearing Owens of Durham, NC
Mr. Michael Ray Packer and Ms. Karen E. Packer of Petersburg, VA
Mr. James Lamar Palmer and Ms. Carrie Blanton Palmer of Hendersonville, NC
Mr. Daniel Jeffrey Palmieri and Ms. Elizabeth Massey Palmieri of Cary, NC
Mr. John Coulter Parker of Houston, TX
Ms. Marissa Rose Parker of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Stephen Jerry Parris of Canton, NC
Mr. William Archer Parsley of Winston Salem, NC
Mr. Zeke Wolin Parsons of Allston, MA
Mr. S. Leon Patillo and Holli Patillo of Charlotte, NC
Dr. Susan Bess Patrick of Albuquerque, NM
Dr. Samuel Houston Payne Jr. and Ms. Martha Mattingly Payne of Atlanta, GA
Dr. James Lowe Peacock III and Mrs. Florence Fowler Peacock of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. David Eugene Peedin of Harrisburg, NC
Mr. Roy Arthur Pelkey of Waxhaw, NC
Mrs. Alani Nichols Perry of Durham, NC
Dr. Sophia Sirokay Petrusz of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Jeanette Lydia Pfaff of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Brian David Phillips and Ms. April Gardner Phillips of Pinetops, NC
Dr. Vincent Craig Phillips of Charlotte, NC
Ms. Teresa Gail Pitts of Glen Alpine, NC
Ms. Sarah Marie Pizzolato of Raleigh, NC
Mrs. Jennifer Scopaz Plummer and Mr. Richard Scott Plummer Jr. of Bronxville, NY
Mr. Adam Kenneth Pohl of Odenton, MD
Ms. Madison Grace Ponder of Chapel Hill, NC
Professor Beth Sheba Posner of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Angie Hawkins Potiny and Mr. Suneel Potiny of Hillsborough, NC
Mr. Joshua Kyle Potter of Matthews, NC
Mr. John Ashton Powell and Ms. Glorianne Gargano Powell of New Orleans, LA
Ms. Julie Ann Powell of Pueblo, CO
The Honorable David Eugene Price and Ms. Lisa Kanwit Price of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Rosemary Hall Price of Houston, TX
Mr. Michele Ernest Prince and Ms. Patricia Macko Prince of Wrightsville Beach, NC
Dr. Lilian P. Pruett of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Lee Jonathan Quinn of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Jennifer Anne Quynn-Dale of East Longmeadow, MA
Ms. Gaetana P. Rampley of Canton, GA
Ms. Lara Ellen Ramsey of Falls Church, VA
Ms. Kristin Ramsey
Mrs. Heather W. Reaves of Wilmington, NC
Mr. Robert Morrison Reed of Short Hills, NJ
Mr. William Allen Reep of Cary, NC
Dr. David Settle Reid IV of Hilton Head, SC
Ms. Annie Reindl of Cedar Point, NC
The Reverend Andrew Jerold Reynolds of Greensboro, NC
Ms. Meredith Anne Richard of Downers Grove, IL
Mr. Colin Michael Richardson and Dr. Jessica Szewczyk Richardson of Cary, NC
Dr. Christopher Linwood Riddick and Ms. Lauren Propst-Riddick of Washington, D.C.
Mr. Brad Spencer Ridky and Ms. Naomi Senzer Ridky of New Haven, CT
Abigail Ringdahl of Gainesville, FL
Mr. Matthew Bradley Ritter and Mrs. Amanda Hawkins Ritter of Holly Springs, NC
Mr. H. Daniel Rogers Jr. and Mrs. Millicent Chan Rogers of Belmont, CA
Mr. Lance O’Dell Rogers and Ms. Jennifer Blackwood Rogers of Creedmoor, NC
Mr. Dustin Michael Rohrer and Lisa Rohrer of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Richard Norris Rollins and Ms. Margaret M. Rollins of Davidson, NC
Mr. Elias Roochvarg and Dr. Linda Berger Roochvarg of Charlotte, NC
Mr. William Howard Rose of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Neely Schmidt Rose of Charlotte, NC
Mr. James Jay Rosenberger and Ms. Carol Ann Rosenberger of Clemmons, NC
Mr. Eric Daniel Routh and Ms. Christina Pifer Routh of Cary, NC
Ms. Emily Blocker Roy of Raleigh, NC
Dr. John Claude Rublein and Ms. Amy Lyn Klimala-Rublein of Durham, NC
Dr. Craig Henry Russell of San Luis Obispo, CA
Mr. F. Kevin Russell of Apex, NC
Mr. Philip Sami Salib and Dr. Brea Christianne Salib of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Roodabeh Samimi of Modesto, CA
Mr. Neeraj Mukund Saraiya of Wilmette, IL
Mr. Adam Jason Satterwhite and Mrs. Leigh Anne Satterwhite of Wake Forest, NC
Mr. Martin Edward Saunders and Ms. Melissa Beachum Saunders of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Alicia Johnson Sawyer and Mr. Connie Wildred Sawyer III of Concord, NC
Mr. Quinton Leroy Sawyer and Ms. Lauren Coley Sawyer of Charlotte, NC
Ms. Kellie Nicole Sawyer of Camden, NC
Mr. Trevor Garrett Scanlon of Cary, NC
Ms. Allison Leigh Schaefer of Mooresville, NC
Mr. Thomas Owen Schilly and Ms. Angela Marie Schilly of Charlotte, NC
Dr. Stephanie P. Schlagel of Cincinnati, OH
Dr. Henry Louis Schmidt III of Allentown, PA
Dr. Ernest Schoenfeld and Ms. Mary Margaret Strom Schoenfeld of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Eric Coulbourn Schreiber of Madison, CT
Ms. Molly Virginia Schultz of Matthews, NC
Ms. Donna Russell Scott of Eden Prairie, MN
Mr. Gary Clifford Scott and Ms. Jean Pearson Scott of Lubbock, TX
Mr. Colin Russell Scott and Mrs. Amanda Erin Scott of Atlanta, GA
Ms. Regan Elisabeth Scott-Chin of Amherst, MA
Mr. Austin Tyler Seamster of Vanceboro, NC
Ms. Andrea Dee Seeney and Mr. Erik Barry Seeney of Milton, GA
Ms. Carolyn Elizabeth Settanni of Chicago, IL
Mr. Livingston Spencer Sheats and Mrs. Elizabeth Reynolds Sheats of Wilmington, NC
Mr. Kevin Mark Sheran of Haddonfield, NJ
Mr. Robert B. Short and Ms. Donna Short of Wilson, NC
Ms. Susan Leigh Sitze of Sanford, NC
Mrs. Julie Plunkett Sizemore of Bath, NC
Dr. Mark Charles Skains and Mrs. Elizabeth Blair Skains of Greensboro, NC
Mrs. Jo Allison Clary Smith of Greenville, NC
Mr. Edward Calvin Smith Jr. of Greenville, NC
Ms. Mara Alexis Smith and Mr. Victor Primov of Ada, OH
Mr. Bradley Austin Smith of Mount Pleasant, SC
Dr. William Thomas Smith of Winston Salem, NC
Dr. Sarah Greer Smith of Memphis, TN
Ms. Anesha Nicole Smith Rocky Point NC
Mr. Peter Charles Smith and Ms. Tina Eagle Smith of Mooresville, NC
Mr. Casey Blair Smith of Morrisville, NC
Mr. Tanner Clayton Smith of Durham, NC
Ms. Salem Smith-Shupp of Belews Creek, NC
Mr. David James Smithwick Jr. and Ms. April Elaina Smithwick of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Summer McConnell Sneed of Matthews, NC
Ms. Phyllis Jarrett Snyder and Mr. Philip Melancthon Snyder IV of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Gail Stone Sprecher and Mr. Douglas Stuart Sprecher of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Ronald Hutchison Springs of Ridgecrest, NC
Ms. Shonnese Diane Stanback Raleigh NC
Dr. William D. Stanley and Mrs. Laura D. Stanley Greensboro NC
Mr. Michael John Stanley Jr. and Ms. Crystal Rebecca Shreve of Oakland, CA
Ms. Diane L. Steinhaus of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Kimberly Lennon Stephenson and Mr. Paul Stephenson of Clover, SC
Dr. Vincas P. Steponaitis and Ms. Laurie C. Steponaitis of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Alan Wade Story and Mrs. Charlotte Rayfield Story of Newton, NC
Mrs. Michelle McMillian Strickland of Summerfield, NC
Mr. Brian Warren Clancy Sturm and Dr. Belinda Sue McSwain Sturm of Lawrence, KS
Mrs. Katie Hanson Sutton and Mr. James Morrison Sutton of Raleigh, NC
Dr. Mark William Sutton of Columbia, SC
Mr. Brian Christopher Sutton and Ms. Sonya Foster Sutton of Hillsborough, NC
Mr. Clifford Futrelle Swanson of Philadelphia, PA
Ms. Cameron Y. Sweeney of Winston Salem, NC
Mr. Vamsi Krishna Tadepalli of North Hollywood, CA
Mr. T. Chad Talton of Princeton, NC
Dr. Brendan Clark Tanner of Maplewood, MO
Dr. Kelly Nichols Taylor of Cary, NC
Mr. Kevin Lee Teague of Western Springs, IL
Ms. Erin Mayo Temple of Columbus, OH
Ms. Courtney Lynne Tesh of Drexel Hill, PA
Ms. Meredith George Thomas of Charleston, WV
Ms. Susan Anne Dodge and Dr. Joseph Thomas Thompson II of Lancaster, PA
Mr. William Reuben Thompson of London, England
Ms. Emilie West Thomson of Mount Pleasant, SC
Ms. Leah Margaret Tilden of Haw River, NC
Mr. Kenneth Pennel Tillett of Atlantic, NC
Ms. Rebecca Joan Tozzie of Greenville, NC
Ms. Schuyler Elizabeth Tracy of Gaithersburg, MD
Mr. Charles Brent Trexler III of Charlotte, NC
Ms. Bianca Paige Trollinger of Gaithersburg, MD
Mr. J. Lester Turbeville and Ms. Gwendolyn Supulski Turbeville of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Norbert Edward Turek and Ms. Melanie Turek of Steamboat Springs, CO
Ms. Kaitlyn Turner of Marietta, GA
Mr. Walter Lee Turpin of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Sylvia Scarlette Tyndall of Winston Salem, NC
Mr. David Bryan Tyndall and Ms. Sabrina Triggs Tyndall of Cary, NC
Mr. Jonathan Erin Tyus and Ms. Amanda Gregory Tyus of Durham, NC
Mr. Robert Unger and Ms. Cheri Unger of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Robert W. Upchurch of Cary, NC
Ms. Catherine Carter Upton of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Cheyenne C. Van Leeuwen of Durham, NC
Mr. Joseph Elliott Vance and Ms. Joanne Weiss-Vance of Durham, NC
Mrs. Farrell Webster Vangelopoulos of Charlottesville, VA
Ms. Miah Brione Williams Vereen and Truman Antione Vereen of Clayton, NC
Mr. Timothy Alan Walker of Boone, NC
Ms. Kathryn Jane Walker of Asheville, NC
Ms. Ellye Louvae Walsh of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Adam Wang of Chapel Hill, NC
Bella Ward of Winston Salem, NC
Mr. Michael Andrew Wargo and Dr. Jennifer Tumulty Wargo of Warrenton, VA
Ms. Angeline Warren of Carrboro, NC
Ms. Catherine Lorraine Watson of Elon, NC
Mr. William Harvey Wearmouth II of Hendersonville, NC
Ms. Jennifer Floyd Weaver of Carrboro, NC
Dr. Charles Riddick Weber of Bethlehem, PA
Ms. Catherine Claire Weidman of Mooresville, NC
Mr. Burton J. Westermeier of New Haven, CT
Ms. Karley Wheeler of Mountain View, CA
Mr. Christopher Lewis White and Ms. Danita Jan Morgan of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Charles Patrick White and Ms. Amy Lynn Clark of Birmingham, MI
Dr. Jesse L. White Jr. of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Lisa Renee Whiteheart of Morrisville, NC
Mr. Benjamin Tyler Whitley of Raleigh, NC
Ms. June Forcum Wicker and Mr. Robert Levy Wicker Jr. of Sanford, NC
Ms. Kathie Stevens Wilkinson and Mr. Charles Timothy Wilkinson of Bahama, NC
Mr. Charles Thomas Williams Jr. and Ms. Jo Anne Leiserson Williams of Swannanoa, NC
Mr. William Pinkston Williams III of Fayetteville, NC
Mr. Jeremy Jerome Williams and Ms. Katherine Harrison Williams of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Robert Lee Wilson Jr. and Ms. Alice Martin Wilson of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Keith Elwood Windley of Elon, NC
Ms. Siana Y. Wong of Summerfield, NC
Mr. E. Jenner Wood III and Mrs. Elizabeth Dowd Wood of Atlanta, GA
Mr. Joseph Elbert Woodall and Ms. Lesley Garwood Woodall of Durham, NC
Ms. Krysta R. Workman of Cary, NC
Dr. Gordon Worley of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Erin Leigh Wynia of Raleigh, NC
Dr. Blake Andrew Wynia of Greenville, SC
Mrs. Heidi Yates-Hodges of West Jefferson, NC
Mr. Frank Curry Zachary Jr. and Ms. Catherine Park Zachary of Apex, NC
Dr. Laurel Elizabeth Zeiss of Woodway, TX
Chang Zhang of Greensboro, NC
Dr. Ryan Michael Zimmerman and Ms. Leah Zimmerman of Cockeysville, MD
Ms. Erica Nicole Zimmerschied of Leander, TX
Ms. Shannon Stover Zink and Mr. Christopher W. Zink of Metairie, LA
Mr. Ian Robert Zook of Harrisonburg, VA

Corporations, Foundations, Estates, and Trusts

American Online Giving Foundation, Inc.
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Durham Jazz Workshop
Floppy Sox LLC
Foundation for the Carolinas
Frank H. Kenan Chapel
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KubWater Resources, Inc.
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Paul Green Foundation
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The Robert & Mercedes Eichholz Foundation
Thomas & Frances McGregor Foundation
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