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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Music gratefully thanks its donors of $100 or more who supported its students, faculty, programs and facilities in fiscal year 2018-2019. Every charitable gift made to the department strengthens its mission to enrich the campus, the students and the region through concerts, lectures and other public events. The generosity of alumni and friends provides opportunities for musical performances by students, faculty, guest artists and members of the community.

The 2019 Honor Roll recognizes donors who made gifts to the Music Department between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019.

The Honor Roll does not include pledges, bequests or other planned gifts to the department. Furthermore, it omits anonymous donors. This list has been prepared with great care to ensure its accuracy. If you have questions or would like to make a gift, please contact Kathryn Banas at the Arts and Sciences Foundation at 919-843-2745 or You can also visit:

Thank you, once again, for generously supporting the UNC Department of Music.


Department of Music 2019 Honor Roll

Mr. Wilton Jameson Aebersold of New Albany, IN
Mr. Juan M. Alamo of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Cynthia Lyerly Alligood of Salisbury, NC
Mrs. Dori A. Anderson and Mr. Stephen R. Anderson of Mebane, NC
Ms. Patricia MacLeod Andrews of Mebane, NC
Mr. Allan D. Angerio of Washington, DC
Ms. Ashley Anthony of Concord, NC
Ms. Michele Archer of Glen Allen, VA
Dr. Kathryn Milnar Baerman and Mr. Paul Baerman of Chapel Hill, NC
Mrs. Lillian J. Bagus and Mr. Kenneth R. Skahn of Bendersville, PA
Mr. Charles Christopher Bailey and Ms. Shana Dawn Bailey of Cary, NC
Mr. William Ronald Barnes Jr. of McLean, VA
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Batchelor of Springfield, PA
Mr. Rick E. Beam Jr. of Belmont, NC
Mrs. Christine Demeritt Bell and Dr. Gerald D. Bell of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Catherine Suzanne Bieksha and Mr. David James Turnquist of Arlington, MA
Mr. Eric Keith Bilbrey and Ms. Jessica Carroll Bilbrey of Charlotte, NC
Mr. David Debois Billingsley and Mrs. Kim M. Billingsley of Salisbury, NC
Mrs. Regina Hannelore Black of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. William Jennings Booth Jr. and Ms. Mary Lou Norwood Booth of Apex, NC
Mr. P. Scott Bouldin and Ms. Victoria M. Bouldin of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Mark W. Boyce of Matthews, NC
Dr. Karen Denise Boyd of Knoxville, TN
Mrs. Patricia Holder Bridgers and Mr. M. Warren Bridgers III of Mechanicsville, VA
Mr. Steven Bromberg and Mrs. Dolly Bromberg of Washington, DC
Mr. Marc David Bromberg of Downingtown, PA
Mr. Alfred C. Brooks of Coral Gables, FL
Dr. James Alexander Bryan II and Mrs. Elizabeth Russell Bryan of Chapel Hill, NC
Mrs. Karen K. Buddendeck and Mr. Michael J. Buddendeck of Cary, NC
Ms. Melissa Hastings Busch and Mr. Wayne Michael Busch of Chicago, IL
Ms. Maria Bustillo of Miami, FL
Mrs. Melanie W. Campbell and Mr. Joseph C. Campbell of Danville, VA
Ms. Amie Beth Cangelosi of Reston, VA
Dr. Michael Capobianchi and Dr. Amanda Pelt Capobianchi of Charlotte, NC
Ms. Jo Anne Casey-Summers and Mr. Peter A. Summers of Burgaw, NC
Mr. David Christopher Cash and Mrs. Pamela H. Cash of Winston Salem, NC
Mr. Mark Cashin and Ms. Mary Lynn Cashin of Cary, NC
Mrs. Anne Wilmoth Cates of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Stephen Caviness and Ms. Mary A. Caviness of Germantown, TN
Mr. Robert Michael Chadwick and Dr. Kristina Dam Chadwick of East Windsor, NJ
Mr. Jeffrey Edward Chandler and Ms. Paige Hershey Chandler of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Linda S. Chapman of Alexandria, VA
Grace Chen and Jubilee Chen of Cincinnati, OH
Ms. Cely Carter Chicurel and Mr. William Mark Chicurel of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Marcia Judith Citron Houston TX
Dr. Richard Lee Clark and Ms. Linda H. Clark of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. J. David Clawson Jr. of Manteo, NC
Ms. Jennifer Joyner Cleland of Winston Salem, NC
Captain Daniel Joseph Connors APO AE
Mr. Daniel Paul Cook of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Eugene C. Cook of Gainesville, VA
Mr. Michael J. Cooperman and Ms. Sally Cooperman of Lutherville, MD
Dr. Paul E. Corneilson of Medford, MA
Mr. Christopher Patrick Craig of Wilmington, NC
Mr. Ernest Bright Cranford Jr. and Ms. Kylie A. Cranford of Durham, NC
Mr. Wells W.W. Cranford of Durham, NC
Mr. Grant A. Credle of Charlotte, NC
Mr. Samuel Russell Cribbs II and Ms. Lynn Robinson Cribbs of Pinehurst, NC
Mr. George Crouse and Ms. Kim Crouse of Greensboro, NC
Ms. Susan Cummings and Mr. R. Harris Cummings of Cary, NC
Dr. Ernesto Esteban de la Torre Jr. and Ms. Kathleen Kaden De La Torre of Brevard, NC
Ms. Mary Fleming Dean and Dr. David Devereaux Dean of San Antonio, TX
Mr. John Powell Deason III and Ms. Tina Griffin Deason of Durham, NC
Mr. Benjamin Paul Zehr Decker and Ms. Anna Styers Decker of Lexington Park, MD
Mr. Vincent DeSio and Mrs. Valerie DeSio of Rockville Centre, NY
Mr. Nicholas Dieugenio and Mrs. Naomi C. Solomon of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Shane S. Dikolli and Ms. Lynn M. Dikolli of Durham, NC
Corina Donica of High Point, NC
Alina Donica of High Point, NC
Mr. Brian Joseph Dore of New Haven, CT
Dr. Jane Ellen Drenkhahn of Ludlow, KY
Mr. Raymond E. DuBose and Ms. Carolyn Shore DuBose of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. G. Shaw Duncan and Mrs. Caroline S. Duncan of Greensboro, NC
Ms. Leslie J. Dyess and Mr. Tim Dyess of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Elizabeth Leftwich Eakes of Atlanta, GA
Mr. Stephen A. Eason and Ms. Kathryn E. Eason of Durham, NC
Ms. Elizabeth Ellis Eason of Durham, NC
Mr. James Dean Eddings of Gastonia, NC
Mr. Andrew Hargrove Edmundson and Ms. Sharon Goddard Edmundson of Holly Springs, NC
Mr. David H. Ehrlich and Ms. Barbara B. Ehrlich of Washington, DC
Ms. Elizabeth A. Evans of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Brian Thomas Farrer and Dr. Jennifer Susan Pickett of Apex, NC
Dr. Annegret Fauser and Dr. Tim Carter of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Joel Stanley Feigin and Professor Severine Neff of Goleta, CA
Mr. James Richard Fell II and Ms. Lynn Reep Fell of Pittsboro, NC
Dr. William Flaville Prizer II and Dr. Kristine Karen Forney of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. William Ralph Foushee Jr. of Moncure, NC
Dr. Judith Huff Fox and Dr. Richard G. Fox of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Spencer Fox Jr. and Ms. Kathryn S. Fox of Winston-Salem, NC
Ms. Carrie Hawkins Frasure of Durham, NC
Mr. J. Richard Futrell Jr. and Ms. Billie Bateman Futrell of Morehead City, NC
Mr. Bruce Wallace Gay III of Pittsburgh, PA
Mandy Gee of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Samuel Spencer Jackson Jr. and Ms. Sarah Southard Geer of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Joyce H. Gerbe of Wilmington, NC
Dr. Shawn Robert Gilbert and Dr. Stacey Stephenson Gilbert of Mountain Brk, AL
Dr. Frank Walter Glass of New York, NY
Dr. John Frazier Glenn of Brunswick, MD
Ms. Christy Hartley Gliddon and Mr. Fred Gliddon of Cramerton, NC
Ms. Sue Goodwin of Cary, NC
Ms. Carolyn Mercy Graham of Colorado Springs, CO
Ms. Roslyn D. Grand of Atlanta, GA
Mr. Richard Howard Gray and Mrs. Julia Betty Mitchell Gray of Washington, NC
Dr. Lewis Greenwald and Dr. Olive Greenwald of Efland, NC
Dr. Steven Howard Grossman and Mrs. Gail Harrison Grossman of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Maggie Elizabeth Grossman of Chicago, IL
Mrs. Dana G. Gruber and Mr. Christopher J. Gruber of Huntersville, NC
Dr. Kevin M. Guskiewicz and Mrs. Amy Guskiewicz of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Janet Hadler of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Edward Kevin Hahn of Falls Church, VA
Ms. Rachel Robinson Hahn and Mr. George Hahn III of Christiansburg, VA
Ms. Christine Keegan Hamrick and Mr. Charles Rush Hamrick IV of Sullivans Island, SC
Ms. Mary Moore Hamrick of Arlington, VA
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Hamrick of College Park, MD
Mr. Gordon Grice Hamrick of Shelby, NC*
Dr. Amanda Sellers Harper of Concord, NC
Mr. Joel Miller Harrison of Indianapolis, IN
Mr. John Anderson Hartley Jr. and Ms. Susan Caldwell Hartley of Apex, NC
Mr. Carl Davis Hatchell and Ms. Sylvia R. Hatchell of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. William Orndoff Headlee of Syracuse, NY
Mr. Billy Lynn Helton and Ms. Del Hunt Helton of Durham, NC
Paula Minix Herier of Pittsboro, NC
Hermilo O. Hermenegildo of Winston Salem, NC
Mr. James Wells Hill IV of Charlotte, NC
Ms. Peggy Hitchock of Tucson, AZ
Dr. Allen Louis Anderson and Ms. Tama P. Hochbaum of Chapel Hill, NC
Colonel Floyd Collins Hood Jr. and Ms. Ellen James Hood of Wilmington, NC
Ms. Kathleen Battle Hopkins of Arlington, VA
Lambert Hsieh of Tallahassee, FL
Ms. Martha R. Hsu of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Daniel M. Huff and Dr. Ann L. Huff of Durham, NC
Dr. Barbara S. Hulka of Chapel Hill, NC
Marie Hull of Greensboro, NC
Mr. F. Scott Ingold of Concord, NC
Ms. Willemien Insinger of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Karen Hite Jacob of Mount Holly, NC
Mr. Jeffrey A. Jenkins of Savannah, GA
Mr. Harry Oliver Jenkins Jr. of Savannah, GA
Marion Bordeaux Jenkins of Savannah, GA
Dr. Joseph Timothy Jones of Streamwood, IL
Haelee Joo of Greensboro, NC
Mr. Fred Herbert Kameny of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Barbara Greenlee Kelly and Mr. Charles Brantley Kelly of Durham, NC
Dr. Thomas Forrest Kelly and Ms. Margaret Badenhausen of Ipswich, MA
Mrs. Betty Kenan of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Frank Hawkins Kenan II of Charleston, SC
Mrs. Barbara Ferguson Kennedy and Mr. Eugene Timothy Kennedy of Arlington, VA
Ms. Susan Margaret Ketch and Dr. James Edward Ketch of Durham, NC
Mr. Christopher William Keuler and Ms. Rachel Franklin Keuler of San Francisco, CA
Ms. Amy Kristine Kirkhum of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Susan Klebanow of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. John Claude Rublein and Ms. Amy Lyn Klimala-Rublein of Durham, NC
Ms. Melanie Bailey Knight and Mr. William Arthur Knight of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Dennis Michael Lavine and Ms. Kathleen Knotts-Lavine of San Diego, CA
Dr. Keith Petty Koons of Oviedo, FL
Ms. Ellen Leinwand Kort and Mr. Stephen David Kort of Leawood, KS
Dr. Edward Leon Kottick of Iowa City, IA
Mr. Michael Kris and Mrs. Brenda Kris of Wake Forest, NC
Mr. Erik Peter Kristiansen and Ms. Jennifer Wilder Kristiansen of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Ellen Tredway Kuiper of Washington, DC
Mr. James Robert Kulesher and Ms. Laura Ellis Kulesher of Oakland, CA
Dr. Jay Odell Lambeth and Ms. Phyllis Saverance Lambeth of Greensboro, NC
Mr. Henry B. Landrum IV of Tallahassee, FL
Dr. Andrew Paul Landstrom and Mrs. Jennifer Jordan Landstrom of Hillsborough, NC
Mr. James Frederick Lane and Ms. Sarah Grover Lane of Midlothian, VA
Mr. Oren Mitchell Lang-Furr and Dr. Mary B. Lang-Furr of Seattle, WA
Mr. Bennie Mark Laughter and Ms. R. Lynette Laughter of Rocky Face, GA
Mr. R. Christopher Lawing and Mr. Matthew Robbins Charlotte NC
Mr. Kevin J. Lawrence and Mrs. Barbara A. Lawrence of Winston Salem, NC
Dr. Sylvia G. Leaver of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Aaron Markus Lefkowitz of Orlando, FL
Mrs. Julie Schneider Levy of Atlanta, GA
Mr. Jack Livingston of Dulles, VA
Mr. Rodric Livingston and Ms. Deborah L. Murray of Dulles, VA
Dr. Peter C. Lombardo of Coral Gables, FL
Mr. Francis Lotito of East Islip, NY
Ms. Kathleen Lotito of East Islip, NY
Mrs. Mabel E.D. Macmillan and Mr. Duncan J. Macmillan of Seminole, FL
Dr. Ryan Augustus Markham of Portland, OR
Dr. E. John Markushewski Jr. and Ms. Cynthia K. Markushewski of Huntsville, AL
Mr. William Luther Marsh and Ms. Josephine Marsh of Shelby, NC
Dr. Joanne Gard Marshall of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. George Anne Marston and Mr. Tom Gallagher of La Jolla, CA
Mrs. Loretta A. Marzetti and Mr. Gerald O. Miller of Arlington, VA
Mr. M. Kirby Matthews Jr. and Ms. Theresa Matthews of Denton, NC
Mr. B. Deems May Jr. and Ms. Susan Williams May of Charlotte, NC
Marsha McAllister of Anna Maria, FL
Mr. Keith Fisher McCombs and Ms. Julia Morgan McCombs of Fuquay Varina, NC
Ms. Jennifer McCosby of Washington, DC
Dr. Jenny Marie McGuire of Greensboro, NC
Mr. James Michael McGuire and Mrs. Melissa McQuire of Charlotte, NC
Mr. James E. McMullen of Fort Lauderdale, FL
Mr. William Medlicott and Ms. Lucrece A. Medlicott of Wilmington, NC
Mr. Norman H. Melton of Wilmington, NC
Ms. Jenny Louise Merritt of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Olivia Stuart Meyers of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Harvey Horatio Miller Jr. of Brevard, NC
Mr. William Leonard Mitchell III of Oxford, NC
Ms. Kathryn Protin Mitchell and Mr. Christopher Mitchell of Gastonia, NC
Mr. Mitchell Craig Moehring and Dr. Rebekah W. Moehring of Hillsborough, NC
Dr. James C. Moeser and Dr. Susan Dickerson Moeser of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Casey Molino Dunn and Mr. David Molino Dunn of South Orange, NJ
Mr. Samuel Robert Moore and Ms. Linda C. Moore of Clemmons, NC
Mr. John Kenton Moore Jr. and Ms. Andrea Bath Moore of Charlotte, NC
Ms. Stephanie Renee Morgan of Asheville, NC
Mr. Kevin Matthew Morris of New York, NY
Mr. Nicholas Edward Morrison and Mrs. Leslie Jane Timmons of Logan, UT
Mr. Robert T. Morrison and Mrs. Carol B. Morrison of Alexandria, VA
Mr. Patrick Mortell and Ms. Barbara Thomas Mortell of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. George Edward Moseley and Ms. Anne Casstevens Moseley of Spartanburg, SC
Ms. Carolee Eakes Nail of Cary, NC
Ms. Michele Richards Natale of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Carol Dell Newman of Sandy Springs, GA
Dr. Brett Clayton Niblack and Ms. Jennifer Peak Niblack of Shelby, NC
Captain Edwin Parmelee Nicholson and Ms. Leslie Weathersby Nicholson Port of Tobacco, MD
Ms. Susan Rae Merritt O’Brien of Raleigh, NC
Professor Tonu Kalam and Ms. Karyn Janell Ostrom of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. John Coulter Parker of Houston, TX
Ms. Angela N. Paul and Mr. Rohan Paul of Charlotte, NC
Dr. James Lowe Peacock III and Mrs. Florence Fowler Peacock of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. M. Scott Peeler and Ms. Diana Joy Florence of New York, NY
Jiale Peng of New Haven, CT
Mrs. Alani Nichols Perry of Durham, NC
Ms. Barbara Ann Peters of Greensboro, NC
Dr. Terry L. Pieper and Ms. Dawn M. Pieper of Southport, NC
Ms. Teresa Gail Pitts of Glen Alpine, NC
Mr. Joshua Kyle Potter of Matthews, NC
The Honorable David Eugene Price and Ms. Lisa Kanwit Price of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Yulia Jessica Price of Cherryville, NC
Dr. Lilian P. Pruett of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Tharacad S. Ramanarayanan and Ms. Ana B. Ramanarayanan of Cary, NC
Ms. Heather Williams Reaves of Wilmington, NC
Dr. John Shelton Reed Jr. of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. William Allen Reep of Cary, NC
Ms. Mary Brooks Rice of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Rif M. Riddick IV of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Matthew Bradley Ritter and Ms. Amanda Hawkins Ritter of Holly Springs, NC
Dr. Lorraine Lea Robertson-Waguespack of Durham, NC
Mr. Stephen M. Robinson and Ms. Esther M. Robinson of Spring, TX
Mr. Steve A. Robinson and Mrs. Lisa Robinson of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. H. Daniel Rogers Jr. and Ms. Millicent Chan Rogers of Belmont, CA
Ms. Elizabeth Eger Rogerson of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Richard Norris Rollins and Ms. Margaret M. Rollins of Charlotte, NC
Mr. Francisco M. Romano and Mrs. Maria Fumagalli Romano of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Elias Roochvarg and Dr. Linda Berger Roochvarg of Charlotte, NC
Mr. Brad David Ross and Ms. Laura Charest Ross of Chapel Hill, NC
Mrs. Barbara S. Roth and Mr. Steven D. Roth of Bethesda, MD
Mr. Eric Daniel Routh and Ms. Christina Pifer Routh of Cary, NC
Ms. Bette Rowe of Thomasville, NC
Mr. Ward Russell III and Ms. Elizabeth Bossong Russell of Asheboro, NC
Dr. Craig Henry Russell of San Luis Obispo, CA
Mr. F. Kevin Russell of Scottsdale, AZ
Mr. Philip S. Salib and Dr. Brea Christianne Salib of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Douglas R. Santoni of Seattle, WA
Dr. Henry Louis Schmidt III of Allentown, PA
Ms. Barbara F. Schutz of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Gary Clifford Scott and Ms. Jean Pearson Scott of Lubbock, TX
Ms. Donna Russell Scott of Eden Prairie, MN
Mr. Robert B. Short and Ms. Donna Short of Wilson, NC
Mr. Charles Dana Simpson of Greensboro, NC
Mrs. Julie Plunkett Sizemore of Bath, NC
Ms. Dorothy Hamrick Sloan of Huntersville, NC
Mr. E. Conrad Sloan and Mrs. Molly J. Sloan of Davidson, NC
Ms. Janet L. Smalley of Keswick, VA
Mr. Mark Smith and Ms. Gwen Smith of Newtown, PA
Ms. Mara Alexis Smith and Mr. Victor Primov of Solon, OH
Dr. Sarah Greer Smith of Memphis, TN
Ms. Judith W. Smith of Washington, DC
Mr. David James Smithwick Jr. and Ms. April Owens Smithwick of Weaverville, NC
Mr. L. Ernest Snider Jr. of High Point, NC
Ms. Phyllis Jarrett Snyder and Mr. Philip Melancthon Snyder IV of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Philip Melancthon Snyder V of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. James I. Spier of Bridgeville, DE
Ms. Gail Stone Sprecher and Mr. Douglas Stuart Sprecher of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Ronald Hutchison Springs of Ridgecrest, NC
Dr. Ronnie Vernon Sprinkle of Sacramento, CA
Ms. Erin Kathleen Starr of High Point, NC
Ms. Kimberly Lennon Stephenson of Clover, SC
Mr. Brian Warren Clancy Sturm and Dr. Belinda Sue McSwain Sturm of Lawrence, KS
Mr. Brian Christopher Sutton and Ms. Sonya Foster Sutton of Hillsborough, NC
Dr. Mark William Sutton of Columbia, SC
Ms. Emilie West Thomson of Mount Pleasant, SC
Ms. Jane Bohannon Thorn of Durham, NC
Mr. Justin Elbert Tillett and Ms. Ashley Conley Tillett of Siler City, NC
Mr. Greg Tilley of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Sarah Tillis of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Wendy-Jo Toyama of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Schuyler Elizabeth Tracy of Brooklyn, NY
Ms. Rochelle Elaine Travis of Oberlin, OH
Ms. Marcia P. Treece and Mr. David Treece of Towson, MD
Mr. Leon Treml of Springfield, MN
Mr. Charles Brent Trexler III of Charlotte, NC
Mr. J. Lester Turbeville and Ms. Gwendolyn Supulski Turbeville of Midlothian, VA
Mr. Norbert Edward Turek and Ms. Melanie Turek of Steamboat Springs, CO
Mr. Robert W. Upchurch of Cary, NC
Mr. Robert Brunson Ward and Mrs. Ann Cosens Ward of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. James White and Ms. Kimberly White of Denver, NC
Dr. Jesse L. White Jr. of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Frank E. White and Mrs. Susan Greenlee White of Columbia, SC
Ms. Lisa Renee Whiteheart of Morrisville, NC
Ms. Randah Ruth Whitley of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Charles Thomas Williams Jr. and Ms. Jo Anne Leiserson Williams of Swannanoa, NC
Mr. Allen Wilson and Ms. Pamela Adams Wilson of Durham, NC
Dr. Stafford Lee Wing and Mrs. Janice Wing* of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Stuart Lawrence Wolf of Huntingdon Valley, PA
C. B. Wooldridge of Washington, DC
Mr. John Pink Wortman Jr. and Ms. Phyllis Wortman of Shelby, NC
Ms. Erin Leigh Wynia of Raleigh, NC
Dr. Bonnie Cravets Yankaskas and Dr. James Robert Yankaskas of Chapel Hill, NC

Corporations, Foundations, Estates, and Trusts

American Musicological Society School Of Music USC
American Online Giving Foundation, Inc.
Bell Leadership
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co Matching Gifts
Byron Fellowship Educational Foundation
Ernst & Young Matching Gifts
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
George L. Kaplan Trust
Google Inc.
Greg Tilley’s Pressure Cleaning
Hopper Piano Company, Inc.
Japan Foundation
Marsh & McLennan Matching Gifts
Network for Good
New York Community Trust
Northwestern Mutual Life Matching Gifts
Reuning & Son Violins
Schwab Charitable
Show Pros Event Services of Chapel Hill, Inc.
Snyder Watchorn Foundation Inc
The Eason Foundation
The North Carolina Society Of NY, Inc
The Robert Lloyd Corkin Charitable Foundation Matching
Triangle Community Foundation
UNC General Alumni Association
Unknown Donor Gifts
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
YourCause, LLC Trustee for Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
YourCause, LLC, Chevron Matching Gifts