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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Music gratefully thanks its donors of $100 or more who supported its students, faculty, programs and facilities in fiscal year 2021-2022. Every charitable gift made to the department strengthens its mission to enrich the campus, the students and the region through concerts, lectures and other public events. The generosity of alumni and friends provides opportunities for musical performances by students, faculty, guest artists and members of the community.

The 2022 Honor Roll recognizes donors who made gifts to the Music Department between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022.

The Honor Roll does not include pledges, bequests or other planned gifts to the department. Furthermore, it omits anonymous donors. This list has been prepared with great care to ensure its accuracy. If you have questions or would like to make a gift, please contact Kathryn Banas at the Arts and Sciences Foundation at 919-843-2745 or You can also visit:

Thank you, once again, for generously supporting the UNC Department of Music.


Department of Music 2022 Honor Roll

Mr. Wilton Jameson Aebersold of New Albany, IN
Dr. Howard E. Aldrich & Ms. Penny Daum Aldrich of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Robert Lee Allen & Ms. Celeste Allen of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Cynthia Lyerly Alligood of Salisbury, NC
Dr. Allen Louis Anderson & Ms. Tama P. Hochbaum of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Clarice Chavonne Andrews of Swansboro, NC
Mr. Masayoshi Arakawa of Ann Arbor, MI
Ms. Michele Archer of Glen Allen, VA
Ms. Emily Katherine Arnold of Arlington, VA
Ms. Claudia Rouse Atkinson of New York, NY
Ms. Jennifer Anne Bachus of Albuquerque, NM
Mr. Charles Christopher Bailey & Ms. Shana Dawn Bailey of Cary, NC
Dr. Eddie Covington Bass & Mrs. Joan Kirby Bass of High Point, NC
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Batchelor of Springfield, PA
Mr. Rick E. Beam Jr. of Shelby, NC
Ms. Ruth Von Bernuth of Carrboro, NC
Mr. Douglas Bruce Biggs & Mrs. Melissa Rivenbark Biggs of Atlanta, GA
Mr. Eric Keith Bilbrey & Ms. Jessica Carroll Bilbrey of Charlotte, NC
Ms. Jessica Carroll Bilbrey & Mr. Eric Keith Bilbrey of Charlotte, NC
Mrs. Regina Hannelore Black of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. William Henry Blair of Richmond, TX
Ms. Joan April Blazich of Raleigh, NC
Dr. David Clair Bloom & Dr. Linda Boswell Bloom of Gainesville, FL
Dr. Dorothee Jane Blum of Conestoga, PA
Mr. P. Scott Bouldin & Ms. Victoria M. Bouldin of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Karen Denise Boyd of Knoxville, TN
Mr. Logan Michael Brackett of Mebane, NC
Dr. Stephanie Lauren Brennan of Durham, NC
Daniel Ross Briggs, MD of Mooresville, NC
Mr. Steven Bromberg & Mrs. Dolly Bromberg of Washington, D.C.
Ms. Frances Baker Brown of Reno, NV
Mary Katherine Brown of Tallahassee, FL
Mr. James Keith Brown & Mr. Eric G. Diefenbach of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Michael J. Buddendeck & Mrs. Karen K. Buddendeck of Apex, NC
Mr. Georg Friedrich Buehler & Ms. Janet Buehler of Hillsborough, NC
Ms. Heather Burnell of Pineville, NC
Mr. Richard Clyde Burts III of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Susan Keeter Campbell & Timothy A. Read of West End, NC
Matilda Campos & Dominic Campos of Phoenix, AZ
Ms. Amie Beth Cangelosi of Reston, VA
Dr. Michael Vincent Capps & Dr. Elizabeth Whiting Chance of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Ewing Whitfield Carroll Jr. of Corvallis, OR
Mr. Perry Thomas Carroll of King, NC
Ms. Jo Anne Casey-Summers & Mr. Peter Andrew Summers of Burgaw, NC
Ms. Mary Catherine Cash of Winston Salem, NC
Mr. Paul Kenneth Cauthen of West Chester, OH
Mr. Stephen Caviness & Ms. Mary A. Caviness of Ocean Springs, MS
Ms. Joan E. Caviness & Dr. Scot K. Huber of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Robert Michael Chadwick & Dr. Kristina Dam Chadwick of East Windsor, NJ
Mr. Jeffrey Edward Chandler & Mrs. Paige Hershey Chandler of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Thomas Caldecot Chubb III & Ms. Aimee Belue Chubb of Atlanta, GA
Dr. Marcia Judith Citron of Houston, TX
Dr. Richard Lee Clark & Ms. Linda Horne Clark of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. John David Clawson Jr. of Manteo, NC
Mr. Kenneth Eugene Cleary of Durham, NC
Mr. Daniel Paul Cook of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Suzanne F. Cook of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Charles Gray Cooper III of Canton, OH
Dr. Paul E. Corneilson of Plymouth, MA
Ms. Edith Dell Cowper of Cary, NC
Mr. Matthew Brett Cox of Apex, NC
Mr. Ernest Bright Cranford Jr. of Hiddenite, NC
Mr. Wells W.W. Cranford of Durham, NC
Mrs. Faye Ashworth Cress & Mr. Danny Jeremiah Cress of Fuquay Varina, NC
Mrs. Robin Rhodes Dailey & Dr. Robert John Dailey of Greenville, NC
Dr. Robert Marion Daniel & Ms. Kathleen A. Daniel of Tahlequah, OK
Mr. Rodney Gene Davis Jr. of Raleigh, NC
Mr. John Powell Deason III & Ms. Tina Griffin Deason of Durham, NC
Mrs. Valerie M. Desio & Mr. Vincent DeSio of Pittsboro, NC
Ms. Lynn M. Dikolli & Dr. Shane S. Dikolli of Charlottesville, VA
Frederic Dittmann of Berwyn, PA
Mr. William Dominici of Durham, NC
Mrs. Lisa Moonschein Duke & Mr. William Chadwick Duke of Greenville, NC
Dr. G. Shaw Duncan & Mrs. Caroline S. Duncan of Greensboro, NC
Dr. Jo Anne L. Earp & Dr. H. Shelton Earp III of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Elizabeth S. Engelhardt of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Elizabeth A. Evans of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Gail McGregor Fearing of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Joel Stanley Feigin & Professor Severine Neff of Goleta, CA
Jayon Felizarta of Cary, NC
Ms. Lynn Reep Fell & Mr. James Richard Fell II of Pittsboro, NC
Mr. Andrew M. Fleischman of Louisville, KY
Ms. Amy Fletcher of Nebo, NC
Dr. Kristine Karen Forney & Dr. William F. Prizer II of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Timothy Andrew Foskey of Charlotte, NC
Ms. Kathryn S. Fox & Mr. Howard Spencer Fox Jr. of Winston Salem, NC
Dr. David F. Garcia of Durham, NC
Mr. Edward Randy Gardner & Mrs. Victoria Jean Gardner of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Bruce Wallace Gay III of Pittsburgh, PA
Mr. Joseph Robert Gibbs of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Reid Bradley Gilliam & Mrs. Natalie Thackston Gilliam of Winston Salem, NC
Mr. Thomas Clinton Ginn of Washington, D.C.
Dr. Frank Walter Glass of New York, NY
Dr. John Frazier Glenn II of Brunswick, MD
Ms. Susanne Dietz Goldberg of Germantown, MD
Ms. Hope Leonard Gooch of Greensboro, NC
Ms. Kimberly Tweedy Goodman of Shelby, NC
Ms. Nannette Wallace Gorman & Mr. Thomas James Gorman of Charlotte, NC
Ms. Kimber Slate Grabs of King, NC
Mrs. Kerry Lynn Graham & Mr. Abram Jordan Graham of Hillsborough, NC
Ms. Jennifer Joyner Cleland Green of Winston Salem, NC
Dr. Cynthia Renee Greenlee of Concord, NC
Ms. Sharayu Manu Gugnani of Cary, NC
Ms. Janet Wachtell Hadler of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Rachel Robinson Hahn & Mr. George Hahn III of Canton, NC
Mr. Edward Kevin Hahn of Falls Church, VA
Ms. Sarah E. Hamrick of College Park, MD
Mr. James Edgar Harllee & Mrs. Jo Ann Towery Harllee of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Amanda Sellers Harper & Mr. Edward M. Harper Jr. of Concord, NC
Mr. Terry Scott Hartman of Durham, NC
Ms. Terri Starritt Haywood & Mr. E. Burke Haywood of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Billy Lynn Helton & Ms. Del Hunt Helton of Durham, NC
Mr. Edward Hendershot & Ms. Keri Hendershot of Claremont, NC
Mrs. Alexandra Long Henson of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Susan Elkins Hibbert & Mr. Carl Woodall Hibbert Sr. of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Sara Wyche Higgins & Mr. Raymond Eugene Owens Jr. of Charlotte, NC
Mrs. Scott Beaver Hill of Durham, NC
Ms. Judith Volk Hill & Mr. Frank H. Hill of Raleigh, NC
Mr. James Wells Hill IV of Charlotte, NC
Mr. Kenneth Deaton Hitchings & Mrs. Angela Kelley Hitchings of Kernersville, NC
Mrs. Lauren C. Bromley Hodge & Mr. Eric P. Hodge of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Polly R. Hollis & Mr. Rex R. Hollis of Mooresville, NC
Mr. Jason C. Holt & Ms. Laura Wilson Holt of Davidson, NC
Mrs. Nancy Jayne Holton & Mr. Alford Jesse Holton of Durham, NC
Colonel Floyd Collins Hood Jr. & Ms. Ellen James Hood of Wilmington, NC
Ms. Ellen James Hood & Colonel Floyd Collins Hood Jr. of Wilmington, NC
Ms. Kathleen Battle Hopkins of Arlington, VA
Ms. Martha R. Hsu of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. William Brad Hubbard & Ms. Alexandra Bradsher Hubbard of Versailles, KY
Mr. Luke Edward Huffman & Ms. Margaret Unger Huffman of Holly Springs, NC
Mr. Daniel Elliott Huger of Asheville, NC
Dr. Nicole Whisnant Hurst & Dr. Christopher Howard Hurst of West Roxbury, MA
Mrs. Lorraine Davis Huschle & Mr. Ian M. Huschle of Locust Valley, NY
Mr. Robert Andrew Ierardi & Ms. Jennifer Wooten Ierardi of River Forest, IL
Ms. Tiffany Sherburn Jackson of Los Angeles, CA
Mr. William Kenneth Jackson of Charlotte, NC
Mr. Gregory Lee Jenkins & Dr. Stephanie Quick Jenkins of Durham, NC
Qian Jiang of Cary, NC
Mr. Ivan Haynes Johnson of Matthews, NC
Ms. Victoria Lorraine Johnson of Charlotte, NC
Mr. Russell Dale Johnson of Four Oaks, NC
Mr. Harold Layton Johnson Jr. & Ms. Debra Martin Johnson of Alexandria, VA
Mr. James Alan Johnson of Emerald Isle, NC
Mr. Fred Herbert Kameny of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Chancy McLean Kapp & Mr. M. Keith Kapp of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Christopher William Keuler & Ms. Rachel Leah Franklin Keuler of San Francisco, CA
Ms. Rachel Leah Franklin Keuler & Mr. Christopher William Keuler of San Francisco, CA
Mr. Edgar Owen Kinnier III & Ms. Anita M. Kinnier of Winston Salem, NC
Ms. Susan Ann Klebanow of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Laura Lee Kline & Mr. David Terrell Robinson of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Stephen David Kort & Ms. Ellen Leinwand Kort of Broomfield, CO
Dr. Edward Leon Kottick of Iowa City, IA
Ms. Lisa Rowland Kozloff of Clover, SC
Mr. Erik Peter Kristiansen & Ms. Jennifer Wilder Kristiansen of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Elizabeth Lacey & Mr. Dean Andrew Herington of Hillsborough, NC
Dr. Jay Odell Lambeth & Ms. Phyllis Saverance Lambeth of Greensboro, NC
Dr. Andrew Paul Landstrom & Mrs. Jennifer Jordan Landstrom of Hillsborough, NC
Mrs. Heather Isles Larnach of Penicuik, Scotland
Mr. Dennis Michael Lavine & Ms. Kathleen Knotts-Lavine of San Diego, CA
Ms. Kelly Amanda Lear of Pittsboro, NC
Mr. Aaron Markus Lefkowitz of Orlando, FL
Ms. Gina Maria Leonetti of New York, NY
Mr. Jonathan Edward Lewis of Scarsdale, NY
Ms. Emily Marie Lineberger of Charlotte, NC
Viktorija Liu of Durham, NC
Ms. Dawn Marie Locklear of Raleigh, NC
Mr. James Arthur Lucas Jr. & Ms. Dubba Kay Hughes Lucas of Cary, NC
Mrs. Jennifer Cassell MacFarlane of Rye, NY
Ms. Martha Rutledge Macon & Dr. Ernest Michael Macon Jr. of Kannapolis, NC
Mrs. Lynn Conrad Malkani & Dr. Sunil Mohan Malkani of Fort Myers, FL
Dr. Joseph Ronald Maner of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Stephen Lee Mantz & Dr. Deirdre Anne Teaford of Wallingford, PA
Mr. Gordon H. Merklein & Dr. Catherine J. Duncan of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Pamela Hardy Marsh & Dr. William Hollowell Marsh of Isle of Palms, SC
Mr. Brian John Mascia of Greensboro, NC
Ms. Theresa W. Matthews & Mr. M. Kirby Matthews Jr. of Denton, NC
Dr. Herbert Brown Mayo of Ringoes, NJ
Dr. Michael Wallace McCall & Ms. Ashley Blythe McCall of Lexington, SC
Mr. Ralph Lee McCaughan & Ms. Susan McCaughan of Durham, NC
Mr. Keith Thomas McClelland & Ms. Robin Sink McClelland of Shoreline, WA
Ms. Jennifer McCosby of New York, NY
Ms. Lisa Bondos Mcdowell & Mr. Brian McDowell of Durham, NC
The Honorable Nancy Louise McFarlane & Mr. Ronald Howard McFarlane of Raleigh, NC
Dr. Jenny Marie McGuire of Greensboro, NC
Mr. C. Milton McNatt & Ms. Trudy Brown McNatt of Fredericksburg, VA
Mr. Ralph William Meekins Sr. & Ms. Loann Smith Meekins of Shelby, NC
Laurel Shae Meitrodt of Wilmington, NC
Ms. Lindsay Gray Merritt & Mr. Mark William Merritt of Charlotte, NC
Ms. Jenny Louise Merritt of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Staci T. Meyer & The Honorable Louis B. Meyer III of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Olivia Stuart Meyers of Durham, NC
Mr. Harvey Horatio Miller Jr. of Brevard, NC
Mrs. Kathryn Protin Mitchell & Mr. Christopher Mitchell of Sunnyvale, CA
Mr. William Leonard Mitchell III of Oxford, NC
Mr. Mitchell Craig Moehring & Dr. Rebekah W. Moehring of Hillsborough, NC
Dr. James C. Moeser & Dr. Susan Dickerson Moeser of Chapel Hill, NC
John D. Montgomery of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Samuel Robert Moore & Ms. Linda C. Moore of Clemmons, NC
Ms. Dorothy Davis Nachman & Dr. Patrick Henry Nachman of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Michele Richards Natale of Chapel Hill, NC
Timothy R. Neal & Carol Neal of Los Alamos, NM
Rosemarie Porter Nelson of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Carol Dell Newman of Atlanta, GA
Ms. Amanda Nicholls & Mr. Kenneth Nicholls of Winston Salem, NC
Ms. Jessica F. Nora & Dr. Dean Thomas Nora of Westlake Village, CA
Ms. Frances Marie Norton of San Francisco, CA
Dr. Brittany Nicole Papworth of Shelby, NC
Mr. John Coulter Parker of Houston, TX
Mr. S. Leon Patillo & Holli Patillo of Charlotte, NC
Mr. David Eugene Peedin of Harrisburg, NC
Mrs. Alani Nichols Perry of Durham, NC
Ms. Barbara Ann Peters of Greensboro, NC
Dr. Jennifer Susan Pickett & Dr. Brian Thomas Farrer of Apex, NC
Mr. Adam Kenneth Pohl of Odenton, MD
Professor Beth Sheba Posner of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Joshua Kyle Potter of Matthews, NC
Ms. Julie Ann Powell of Pueblo, CO
Mr. John Ashton Powell & Ms. Glorianne Gargano Powell of New Orleans, LA
Dr. Lilian P. Pruett of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. William McKenzie Ragland Jr. & Ms. Christine Paine Ragland of Atlanta, GA
Dr. Philip E. Rakita of Philadelphia, PA
Dr. Tharacad S. Ramanarayanan & Ms. Ananthalakshmi B. Ramanarayanan of Cary, NC
Mr. Ronald David Raxter of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Jonathan Fisher Ray of Charlotte, NC
Mrs. Heather Williams Reaves of Wilmington, NC
Mr. William Allen Reep of Cary, NC
Dr. David Settle Reid IV of Hilton Head, SC
Dr. Sarah Whitney Renner of Cary, NC
Ms. Joy Justus Renner & Dr. Jordan Bayfield Renner of Graham, NC
Dr. Terry Ellen Rhodes of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Meredith Richard of Chicago, IL
Mr. Rufus M. Riddick IV of Chapel Hill, NC
Mrs. Amanda Hawkins Ritter & Mr. Matthew Bradley Ritter of Holly Springs, NC
Ms. Kathryn Bennett Robertson & Mr. Forrest Ivey Robertson III of Marietta, GA
Mr. Stephen M. Robinson & Ms. Esther M. Robinson of Pittsboro, NC
Mr. Victor Rodriguez & Yuko Rodriguez of Holly Springs, NC
Mr. H. Daniel Rogers Jr. & Mrs. Millicent Chan Rogers of Belmont, CA
Ms. Jennifer Blackwood Rogers & Mr. Lance O’Dell Rogers of Creedmoor, NC
Ms. Elizabeth Eger Rogerson of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Linda Berger Roochvarg & Mr. Elias Roochvarg of Charlotte, NC
Ms. Kelly Leigh Ross & Mr. William David Whisenant of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Eric Daniel Routh & Ms. Christina Pifer Routh of Cary, NC
Mr. David Sheldon Routh & Mrs. Jenny Duncan Routh of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Craig Henry Russell of San Luis Obispo, CA
Mr. F. Kevin Russell of Apex, NC
Mr. Philip Sami Salib & Dr. Brea Christianne Salib of Raleigh, NC
The Reverend Holladay Worth Sanderson of Coeur D Alene, ID
Mr. Neeraj Mukund Saraiya of Cary, NC
Mr. Connie Wildred Sawyer III & Ms. Alicia Johnson Sawyer of Concord, NC
Dr. Henry Louis Schmidt III of Allentown, PA
Mr. Eric Coulbourn Schreiber of Madison, CT
Mr. Gary Clifford Scott & Ms. Jean Pearson Scott of Lubbock, TX
Ms. Donna Russell Scott of Wake Forest, NC
Mr. Colin R. Scott & Mrs. Amanda Erin Scott of Atlanta, GA
Ms. Andrea Dee Seeney & Mr. Erik Barry Seeney of Milton, GA
Mr. Kuntal Dhiren Shah of Southgate, MI
Trevor Sharp of Greensboro, NC
Mr. Livingston Spencer Sheats & Mrs. Elizabeth Reynolds Sheats of Wilmington, NC
Mr. Donald Michael Shiffrin of Durham, NC
Mr. Mark Smith & Ms. Gwen Smith of Newtown, PA
Ms. Mara Alexis Smith & Mr. Victor Primov of Ada, OH
Mr. Ken Gaines Smith of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Peter Charles Smith & Ms. Tina Eagle Smith of Mooresville, NC
Mr. Thomas Henry Smith Jr. & Mrs. Vicki Marmarose Smith of Siler City, NC
Mr. David James Smithwick Jr. & Ms. April Elaina Smithwick of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. William Spransy II & Ms. Staci Marcus Spransy of Durham, NC
Mr. Douglas Stuart Sprecher & Ms. Gail Stone Sprecher of Raleigh, NC
Mr. Ronald Hutchison Springs of Ridgecrest, NC
Mr. Robert John Squire & Ms. Jennifer See Squire of Locust Valley, NY
Mr. John Curtis Staton III & Ms. Margaret McLanahan Staton of Atlanta, GA
Mr. David Thomas Steele of Concord, NC
Mr. Rick John Steinbacher & Mrs. Valerie Angell Steinbacher of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Susannah Rhodes Stewart of Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Brian Warren Clancy Sturm & Dr. Belinda Sue McSwain Sturm of Lawrence, KS
Dr. Mark William Sutton of Columbia, SC
Mr. Brian Christopher Sutton & Ms. Sonya Foster Sutton of Hillsborough, NC
Ms. Alexis Marie Tener of New York, NY
Mr. Thomas Eugene Terrell Jr. & Ms. Gaither Moore Terrell of High Point, NC
Dr. William Reid Thompson III & Ms. Elizabeth A. Thompson of Baltimore, MD
Ms. Jane Bohannon Thorn of Durham, NC
Mrs. Leslie Jane Timmons & Mr. Nicholas Edward Morrison of Logan, UT
Ms. Rochelle Elaine Travis of Oberlin, OH
Ms. Melanie Turek & Mr. Norbert Edward Turek of Steamboat Springs, CO
Mr. Robert W. Upchurch of Cary, NC
Joanna Valenti & Jeffrey Valenti of Wappingers Falls, NY
Mr. Henry Price Van Hoy II & Ms. Eva Alexander Van Hoy of Mocksville, NC
Ms. Laia Ferrer Vila of Vallirana, Barcelona
Mr. Theodore Walter Wagner of Cary, NC
Ms. Angeline Warren of Carrboro, NC
Dr. Charles Riddick Weber of Bethlehem, PA
Mr. Bobby Ronald Webster of Burlington, NC
Ms. Catherine Claire Weidman of Mooresville, NC
Ms. Joanne Weiss-Vance & Mr. Joseph Elliott Vance of Durham, NC
Ms. Lisa Renee Whiteheart of Morrisville, NC
Ms. Kathie Stevens Wilkinson & Mr. Charles Timothy Wilkinson of Bahama, NC
Ms. Alice Martin Wilson & Mr. Robert Lee Wilson Jr. of Raleigh, NC
Ms. Sarah C. Williams Wilson of Pittsburgh, PA
Ms. Teresa L. Wing & Dick B. Tutunjian of West Palm Beach, FL
Dr. Judith Ellen Winkler & Mr. Gilbert H. Jackson III of Durham, NC
Dr. Gordon Worley of Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Erin Leigh Wynia of Raleigh, NC
Mrs. Heidi Yates-Hodges of West Jefferson, NC
Mr. Frank Curry Zachary Jr. & Mrs. Catherine Park Zachary of Apex, NC
Ms. Erica Nicole Zimmerschied of Leander, TX
Ms. Shannon Stover Zink & Mr. Christopher W. Zink of Metairie, LA
Mr. Ian Robert Zook of Harrisonburg, VA