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For questions or concerns please contact us at


Deposits are due upon registration and complete semester tuition is due within 7 days of receiving your tuition bill.

To make a payment by card, please visit: and enter your total tuition fee.

To pay by cash or check, please mail to:

UNC Department of Music
ATTN: Cat Zachary
145 E Cameron Ave
CB #3320
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3320

*Checks should be made out to UNC Department of Music.


Should a student wish to withdraw from a group class or private lessons a full refund will be given by sending an email to provided that the email is sent before the second class or lesson. After the class or lesson meets for the second time, a refund will no longer be given. Private lesson classes canceled by the student will not be made up or refunded. If the instructor must miss a class it will be made up at a mutually convenient time.

Release Form

All participants in the UNC Community Music School should carefully read and complete our Release Form and Code of Conduct Form.

Facilities Care

Please be respectful of your environment by taking care of any equipment in the classroom and by not leaving belongings or trash anywhere in or around the building. Food and drink are not allowed in any classroom.


Other individuals or groups may be practicing or holding rehearsals in the Kenan Music Building so it is important not to interrupt or disturb them.  If a student is unable or unwilling to participate in the class without being disruptive the student may be asked to leave and/or withdraw from the class.


We encourage families to be present during any instruction at UNC-CMS.  We also encourage parents of children to accompany students to their scheduled classrooms and be present when class is over so that students do not get lost.

Attendance and Punctuality

Consistent attendance is strongly encouraged to receive the maximum benefit of instruction. There are no refunds for classes missed. If an instructor needs to cancel class it will be rescheduled, most often on the same day and time the class usually meets but on a later week. On occasion, an alternative educational opportunity such as a masterclass, concert event, or other presentation may be offered in place of a regular class meeting. If the instructor is unable to schedule a make-up class at a reasonable time, students will be refunded that portion of the course. Please prepare to be on time to class to avoid disruptions.

Class cancellations

A class may be canceled due to insufficient enrollment. In this case, a full refund will be given.


Materials such as books or metronomes are not covered in the cost of tuition. Instructors will inform students if books or materials are needed once the class has begun.


UNC-CMS content may be subject to change due to enrollment needs or other policy changes.