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Welcome to the Department of Music at UNC-Chapel Hill! We’re so excited to have you as a new faculty member. Below are a few important items to help get you started in the department.

I’m New, What Do I Do?

UNC Email and Onyen

  • Create an email address and an ONYEN user name (ONYEN=only name you’ll ever need). Go to and select “Create or Reactivate Onyen”. The system will navigate you through the process. 
  • Activate your email: Go to and select “Email Sign Up.” This will activate your email. Sign in to your email at

Setting up University Wifi

ConnectCarolina Self Service Portal

To access the Self Service Portal of ConnectCarolina use your Onyen and password to log in. Open the dropdown box by Admin WorkCenter at the top of the page and select Self Service. Here you can:

  • Complete Tax Paperwork
  • Set Up Direct Deposit
  • View Pay Statements
  • See more here.

Relocation Assistance

The university offers relocation assistance. For more information on this program, please click here and review the links below.

  • UNC Smart Move offers rental services. Search for apartments, as well as condos, townhomes and homes to rent.  Contact Renee Daniels for additional information at 919.785.4389 or RDANIELS@FMRELOCATION.COM.
  • Occasional short-term rentals are listed on the UNC off-campus housing website.
  • You may also find short-term rentals on Sabbatical HomesAir BnB or VRBO.
  • Local Broker/Realtor (not affiliated with UNC): Laura Deitsch with Grow Local Realty,, mobile: 919-355-6869 (business card attached)
  • Furthermore, as an employee, you now have access to GuidanceResources supports, including Work-Life solutions which helps save you time by doing the research for you! Call anytime 24/7 at 877-314-5841.


  • New Employee Orientation is offered several times throughout the summer and early fall. When you have selected the session you’d like to attend, please communicate this information to El Fisseha so that she may register you for attendance.
  • New Faculty Orientation occurs once a year. This year’s session will occur on August 12, 2022. For future dates, the Dean’s Office will reach out via email.
  • University Resources for New Faculty can be found in the Faculty Handbook.


  • You will learn about and register for your benefits package at the New Employee Orientation. General information about benefits can also be viewed online here.
  • Adjustments can be made to your benefits package in the ConnectCarolina Self Service Portal.
  • If you have questions or need to make changes beyond what is available in the ConnectCarolina Self Service Portal, please reach out directly to HR.

Class & Studio Logistics

  • View the full Academic Calendar, including holidays and exam days, here.
  • View the Standard Class Meeting patterns here.
  • Rosters
    • Class and studio rosters can be found via ConnectCarolina. Here you’ll be able to access contact information for all registered students.
    • For applied lesson studios, the Associate Chair for Performance, Composition, and Music Education (PCME) will provide a list of students we’re expecting in the studio. Most of them know what they need to do to register, but sometimes a nudge from you is useful.

Getting Your One Card

The UNC One Card office is located near student stores:

The One Card acts as a library card and gives card swipe access to the outside doors of the Kenan Music Building, Hill Hall, Person Hall, and the Hill Hall basement practice rooms. The One Card contains your PID (personal identification number) that the library, tech support, and other departments use to identify patrons and log activity. One Cards expire on the last day of work for your current contract. If your contract is renewed your card will automatically activate for the new term regardless of the expiration date listed on the card. You do not need to get a new One Card each year.

Keys and One Card Swipe Access

Email Kaleigh O’Neal to arrange a time to pick up keys for:

  • Teaching space/office
  • Classrooms
  • Media cabinets

Kaleigh can also request One Card swipe access to the three music buildings and the Hill Hall basement practice rooms.

Bio and Picture

Cat Zachary (105 Hill Hall Rotunda), our Department’s Communications Coordinator, manages our website. Please provide her with a bio, picture, and preferred email for our faculty page and listservs.

FERPA Training

FERPA Training is required for all university employees. You can take the FERPA test as soon as you have your UNC Onyen and UNC email address. Take the test here.


Daytime Parking

The department has an allotment of parking permits in the Swain (NG1) and Nash (N7) lots available to full-time faculty and staff members based upon rank and years of service. These are priced depending on annual salary and lot location.

If these are not available, other options include UNC’s Commuter Alternative Program.

More information about employee parking can be found here.

Weeknight and Weekend Parking

Swain Lot is permit-only during work hours but is open for public use on nights and weekends. 

Weeknights (Monday – Thursday, 5 pm – 7:30 am), parking is $1 per night via the ParkMobile app or the pay station in the lot. Daytime employees without a daytime permit may be eligible for a $25 annual weeknight permit. Please contact the department parking coordinator to request the permit.

On weekends (Friday at 5 pm through Monday at 7:30 am) parking in Swain Lot is free.

Service Permits

The department has two service permits that can be used for up to two hours to load/unload equipment or for guest artist parking.  

Vehicles displaying Two Hour Service Permits may park in:

  1. Any marked service space (for the allotted time period listed on the sign)
  2. Any unreserved parking space if all of the service spaces are filled.

Who Do I Talk To?

Kaleigh O'NealKaleigh O'Neal, Band and Facilities Administrator: facilities, scheduling, lockers, keys, One Card access, Bands 
Jesse MoorefieldJesse Moorefield, Production Manager: all things Moeser Auditorium and faculty/guest performances 
Jay Harper Jay Harper, Multi-Media Technician: classroom A/V support, performance-related technology, pre/postproduction, student recital scheduling 
Cat ZacharyCat Zachary, Communications Coordinator: website, listserv, promoting guest artists and faculty recitals & masterclasses, copy machine issues, service permits, candy
Angeline WarrenAngeline Warren, Registrar: enrollment
El FissehaEl Fisseha, Business Manager: HR, payroll, guest artists, weeknight parking passes
Evan Feldman Evan Feldman, Associate Chair for PCME: performance course schedule changes
Jocelyn NealJocelyn Neal, Associate Chair for Academic Studies: academic course schedule changes
Max MitlerMax Mitler, Piano Technician: piano tuning, repair, and moving
Elliott ChandlerElliott Chandler, Accounting Technician: purchasing, bill payments, travel reimbursements (concur)

Area Heads:jury scheduling, masterclass funding
Juan Alamo Juan Álamo
Wind, Brass, and Percussion
Clara Yang
Nicholas DiEugenioNicholas DiEugenio
Jeanne FischerJeanne Fischer
Lee WeisertLee Weisert, Composition
Steve Anderson Stephen Anderson


  • Minimum of thirteen lessons each term.
  • Minimum of fifty minutes for one-hour lessons.
  • Occur weekly. 

Please set a policy for missed lessons and make-ups. If you cancel a lesson for personal reasons, we expect that lesson to be made up at a time that is convenient for the student. Lessons that fall on university holidays do not need to be made up, though many teachers try to provide a make-up or an extra pre-jury run-through. 

The Department makes a distinction between 100-, 200-, and 300-level lessons.

100-level lessons 

  • 1-credit lessons intended primarily for non-majors (though you are welcome to encourage the student to attend studio class to supplement their regular lessons.)
  • Students request enrollment in 100-level lessons here. Angeline Warren (Hill 105E), our Department Registrar, will contact you for approval to enroll the student.
  • Students should reach out to you to schedule lessons, but feel free to contact them preemptively. 

200-level lessons 

  • 2-credit lessons intended for music majors and advanced non-majors.
  • Students register online through ConnectCarolina as they would for any other class.  
  • Students should reach out to you to schedule lessons, but feel free to contact them preemptively.
  • The extra unit of credit covers the weekly hour-long studio class. Studio classes are scheduled by the lesson teacher at a time that best suits the entire studio. 

300-level lessons

  • Three credit classes that include weekly lessons, weekly studio class, and a recital at some point during the semester. 
  • If you are teaching a 300-level lesson please notify Angeline so she can activate that section in ConnectCarolina.

Group Lessons

  • 1-credit group lessons designed for less experienced performers.
  • Students register through ConnectCarolina.
  • Currently offered in classical guitar, voice, and piano.

You can read more details here:

Start of the Semester / First Day of Classes

  • Provide a syllabus for the semester to the students. Read about the University’s guidelines for an effective syllabus here
  • Upload your syllabus to the Online Syllabus Management system.
  • Finalize your lesson schedule and studio class time. Hour lessons should be at least 50 minutes long.  Studio classes are generally 1 hour.
  • Confirm your ConnectCarolina roster is accurate.
  • Submit Absence from Instruction Form, if necessary.
  • Complete the Census (see below). 


Make sure that the roster you see on ConnectCarolina matches the roster that you’re teaching. If you see anything that doesn’t match (students enrolled who you don’t know or students you’re teaching that aren’t enrolled) immediately contact those students to get it straightened out.

The Census date also defines the end of the main Drop/Add period, during which students can drop or add classes themselves using the ConnectCarolina online system. After the census date, students can only add classes with the help of their academic advisor.

End of the Semester / Last Day of Classes

  • Encourage students to fill out course evaluations. Course evaluations may be submitted through the last day of classes.
  • Attend jury exams or administer academic exams. For juries, you may be asked to listen to more students than you teach in your studio. We ask that you participate in the jury exam process as extensively as you are able to do so.
  • Submit your grades through ConnectCarolina. Grades are due 72 hours after the jury or final.

Department Intranet

The department intranet provides a wide variety of important information for faculty and staff, including the Department Directory, committee designations, and more.

This Onyen-protected site can be accessed here. If you do not have access, please reach out to Cat Zachary.


EHRA faculty members are paid monthly. The payroll calendar can be found here.

P-Cards and T&E Cards

  • Purchasing Cards (P-Cards) are a method of payment for goods or services under $5,000 available to University employees through their departments, with appropriate approval from their department heads.
  • The University Travel and Expense (T&E) Card is the preferred method of payment for employees to use when traveling on official University business and for business-related entertainment expenses, with appropriate approval from their department head or business manager.
  • Concur is the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s new software program for pre-travel approval, travel booking, and travel and business entertainment expense reimbursements.


The department is able to provide a standard-issue desktop or laptop to all new employees. Upgraded models are available for purchase from CCI with research, grant, or personal funds covering the cost difference. View more information here.


The faculty and staff mailroom is located in Hill Hall 110. Here you’ll find your mailbox, office supplies, and the department copier machine. To get your copy code and printing privileges set up, please reach out to Cat Zachary.


To check room availability, consult the Department’s master calendar.

(Click on the left side to see the calendar and the link on the bottom of the page to schedule a room.)

For standing reservations (e.g., recurring), contact Kaleigh O’Neal directly. 

Reserve rooms using the online form.

Practice Rooms and Lockers

Practice room card swipe access is automatically granted to students enrolled in lessons or ensembles. 

Lockers can be requested using this form.

Classroom Technology

Jay Harper (Kenan Music Building 1212) is our Multimedia Technician and can help with technology in the classrooms. For immediate assistance: (919)843-7915.

Faculty Meetings

The Full faculty, Academic faculty, and PCME faculty have meetings throughout the semester, typically on Wednesdays at 12:20 pm. Some areas also meet monthly. It’s not essential you attend these, but of course, you’d be most welcome. Dates will be communicated via email.