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Group Classes

students and teacher (web)At UNC-CMS, our curriculum is community centered. Students of all ages and levels often learn most effectively when their experience is in a fun and interactive group setting. We are pleased to offer 12-week courses in early childhood music and piano. These classes can provide a student’s first steps into the world of music or serve as a springboard into and support of private lessons. Using this exciting approach and small class sizes, students can discover the joys of music by learning to read music, performing, dancing, singing, and listening, all while fully engaging the potential of their imagination.

Group study also provides a cost effective way for students to initiate or enhance music study. Families and individuals can sign up for classes in various disciplines all in one day and the social aspect of group study can provide a welcome dynamic of collaboration and camaraderie for the student who studies privately.

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, no group classes will be offered this semester.

Private Lessons

Private instruction allows each student and teacher to create a unique path of learning. Meeting once a week after normal school hours or weekends, private lessons are appropriate for students of any age or skill level and can be taken concurrently with group classes or provide a seamless continuation of study following group classes.

NOTE: All private lessons in Fall 2020 will be conducted online due to COVID-19.

Private Lessons with UNC-CMS Student-Teachers

Students and families may request lessons with UNC music majors. UNC Community Music School student-teachers are chosen from undergraduate or graduate levels – many of whom already have experience teaching and are planning to pursue future careers as musicians and music educators. The student-teachers selected to provide instruction will be mentored by UNC faculty.

Private Lessons with UNC-CMS Faculty

Students interested in this level of study should anticipate being asked to consistently demonstrate consistent practice, good technique, strong expressive capacity, and thoughtful preparation for lessons. Placement may require a live audition. Lesson space is limited.