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Graduate Student (4th Year)Kendall Hatch Winter

Kendall Winter completed her Masters in Arts in Musicology at Tufts University this past spring. Her current area of particular interest is the music of the American woman’s suffrage movement, ca. mid-19th — early-20th century. The topic effortlessly marries her interests in music by and/or about women, the evolving sociopolitical role of women throughout US history, and music and politics. Archival research lends itself well to this topic for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that there is very little scholarship on the music of the American suffrage movement currently in existence. Through the use of primary sources in her research, she can reanimate the voices, ideas, and opinions of people long since gone for a modern audience. She is humbled by archival research because it frequently yields results she never expected, or, no results at all.

Office: TBA