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Kari LindquistGraduate Student (2nd Year)

Kari Lindquist holds an M.A. in Humanities from the University of Chicago with an interdisciplinary focus on Music History and English and a double BA in Comparative Literature and Arts & Ideas in the Humanities from the University of Michigan.

Her current research explores wind band repertoire of the folk revival through the lens of 20th-century nationalism to question national identity in folk songs and the boundary between high/low art. She also is interested in how early sound recording technology influenced folk song circulation and musical borrowing in American eclecticism. She has presented her work multiple times at the Society for American Music conference and the Literature/Film Association conference.

As an advocate of music education for all ages, Kari worked for four years as the Marketing & Community Engagement Coordinator in the DePaul University School of Music and for six years as music teaching artist in Chicago.

Office: TBA