MUSC 214 Jazz Combo Audition Information

  • For information regarding how to prepare for the Jazz combo auditions please visit the auditions information page here

  • *Friday availability: PLEASE KEEP Friday from 2:30-4:25pm OPEN IN YOUR SCHEDULE! Your availability during these hours could impact your combo placement.
  • Please List the Jazz Courses You Have Taken:
  • COMBO PLACEMENT/JAZZ COMBO PLEDGE – It is natural, as musicians, to want to play in group with the best players. As faculty, we do our best to efficiently audition the students during the first few days of classes and to place each individual where we feel that they can most effectively learn and grow musically. We ask that you please keep a positive attitude about working with those with whom you are placed, and that you work to establish a positive energy and work ethic within the group. Each member of the group is vital to the success of the whole. When someone drops out at the last minute because they are not pleased with their placement because they feel that they are a better player than their peers in the group, the entire group suffers. It also makes it very challenging for the faculty and creates confusion for each of the combos if we have to try to shuffle students between groups at the last minute. We also ask that you show up on time for each rehearsal.