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The Hill Hall Rotunda ceiling seen from straight below.
Interior view of buildings on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on September 19, 2018. This image is taken from inside of Hill Hall, home to the Department of Music. (Johnny Andrews/UNC-Chapel Hill)

The beginning of a new academic year is always a flurry of excitement, anticipation, and perhaps some nerves. For new students, navigating campus, college classes, and a whole new living situation can add to all of those emotions.

To help give our new Tar Heels a boost, we asked returning students and alumni what tips were really helpful when they first started at Carolina (or what tips they wish they’d received). Here are the Top 10 tips!

  1. Explore campus in your free time. Your afternoon walk might result in finding a new fav spot!
  2. Walk your class schedule before your first classes!
  3. Learn how to be efficient in the practice room! Having lots of practice time is a rare luxury.
  4. Bring a jacket with you, some classrooms are cold! Looking at you Hill 107 and Person Recital Hall. 👀
  5. Get involved now! Don’t wait to get “acclimated,” trying new things now will help with this. And just because you try something, doesn’t mean you’re committed.
  6. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! And for singers (especially ones with allergies): Flonase on hand for congested days.
  7. Folks in the practice rooms are not listening to you and thinking you suck! I promise! Also, if you sound amazing during your practice sessions, you’re practicing the wrong stuff.
  8. There are lots of performance venues on Franklin Street where you can experience live music. Be sure to explore the area!
  9. The UNC Music Library is the largest in the Southeast. It’s located in the basement of Wilson Library and has a huge assortment of sheet music, vinyl, CDs, and more!
  10. The staff in the Main Office (Hill 105) and Band Office (Hill 106) are super friendly and helpful! Stop by if you have any questions.
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