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MUSC 168: Conducting I

Professor Evan Feldman
Tuesday/Thursday, 11-12:15 pm

Evan Feldman
Evan Feldman teaches a new technique to his Conducting I class. (Photo Credit: Alyssa LaFaro)

Have you always dreamed of conducting an ensemble? Learn how in MUSC 168!

This class provides an introduction to the fundamental technical, analytical, and artistic skills of conducting. It is designed to provide music students with practical opportunities, basic baton technique, score study skills, rehearsal technique, and listening skills.

Members of the class function as an ensemble and each person conducts the class regularly throughout the semester. Students engage with the repertoire through written assignments and practical applications of the techniques and skills they learn throughout the semester.

MUSC 168 provides 3 credit hours towards graduation. MUSC 131 is a prerequisite for this course.

Evan Feldman and Student
Evan Feldman observes student Luke Knudsen as he practices a new conducting pattern. (Photo Credit: Alyssa LaFaro)


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