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Will Robin, Catherine Hughes, Annegret Fauser, Christopher Campo-Bowen, Jennifer Walker, and Sarah Tomlinson at a conference in Bern
(L-R) Robin, Hughes, Fauser, Campo-Bowen, Walker, Tomlinson

Several members of the UNC graduate program in musicology traveled to Bern, Switzerland, last week to present at the “Branding ‘Western Music'” conference held by the University of Bern.

Dr. Annegret Fauser, who was recently named the Harold J. Glass USAF Faculty Mentor/Graduate Fellow Distinguished Term Professor, delivered one of the keynote addresses at the conference. There was also a strong UNC presence with several current and former graduate students presenting papers.

Current students Christopher Campo-Bowen, Sarah Tomlinson, and Jennifer Walker gave talks, as well as Catherine A. Hughes (Ph.D. ’15) and William Robin (Ph.D. ’16). Hughes is a visiting assistant professor at St. Joseph’s University and Robin is an assistant professor at the University of Maryland.

“It was great to see the exquisite quality of the papers by the former and current UNC graduate students, as well as their sustained contribution to the discussion, which reflected the strengths of the UNC graduate program,” Fauser said.

Title of Papers

Annegret Fauser
Grooves of Empire: Internationalism, Imperialism, and Branding Western Music

Christopher Campo-Bowen
“The Time of Miracles”: Cosmopolitan Dreams and the Czech National Theater at the 1892 Exhibition of Music and Theater in Vienna

Sarah Tomlinson
“Wherever there’s a conductor, you’re sure to find a dead composer”: Setting the Standard of Western Classical Music Programming for Youth Audiences in the U.S.

Jennifer Walker
Sacred Salles and Secular Sanctuaries: Religion and the Musical Branding of Paris at the fin-de-siècle

Catherine A. Hughes
“Êtes-vous partisan de Wagner?”: Confronting Wagnerian Tradition in Brussels in the Wake of World War I

William Robin
Indie Classical and the Branding of American New Music

To see the conference program and read abstracts, please click here.

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