Graduate Student (4th Year)

Originally from Penfield, N.Y., Sarah moved to Chapel Hill after graduating from Michigan State University in 2014. She holds a B.M. in Music Education and a B.A. in Music, earning both degrees with high honors. Sarah’s master thesis examines the ways that activist, pianist, and singer-songwriter Nina Simone resisted racism and engaged with black consciousness before she composed her first explicitly political protest song in 1963.  In addition to her interests in popular music and critical race theory, Sarah’s master’s thesis work also stems from her broad interests in feminism(s), identity politics, and American music. Her dissertation is on the ideological history and current practice of classical music programming for children’s audiences in the United States. She situates her study of classical music in children’s lives within feminist methodologies and critical examinations of elitism, ageism, and race studies. Her dissertation work weaves historical and ethnographic research methods together with social engagement. As she pursues her PhD, Sarah is earning a graduate certificate in cultural studies and a graduate certificate in participatory research.

“Beef, Cowboys, and Republicans: The Rugged Aaron Copland?” Red Cedar Undergraduate Research: Michigan State University 5 (2015), 23-9.

Conference Papers

“Arnold Schoenberg’s ‘Warnung,’ Opus 3, no. 3: Madwomen, Sapphonics, and the Spectacle of Female Violence”–Society for Music Analysis Conference 2015 (Staffordshire, UK)             

“‘And I Have Poisoned Him’: Arnold Schönberg’s ‘Warnung,’ Opus 3, No. 3, and the Spectacle of Female Violence”– American Musicological Society, Southeast Chapter Conference 2015 (Winston-Salem, NC)

“Minnie, The Girl Who Lived: Why Cowgirls Make Better Role Models Than Angels”–National Conference on Undergraduate Research 2014 (Lexington, KY)

“Aaron Copland: An American in Paris or The Lone Ranger?”–Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association Conference 2013 (Atlantic City, NJ)

Recitation Instructor

  • MUSC 146: Introduction to World Music (Spring 2016)

Teaching Assistant

  • MUSC 121: Fundamentals of Music (Fall 2015)
  • MUSC 144: Introduction to Country Music (Spring 2015)
  • MUSC 148: Introduction to Black Music (Fall 2014)