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Ph.D. CandidateOren

Oren Vinogradov is a graduate student hailing originally from Israel. He received a B.A. in Liberal Arts with a focus in Music from Simon’s Rock College of Bard, completing a thesis on the development of Leitmotiv techniques before Wagner. His research interests include the history of program music as an idea and practice, fashion and gendered performativity in film musicals, as well as ludomusicology more broadly. Oren continues to perform new music as a clarinetist, and is involved in early music as a recorder player.

Concert Review: “Oper Leipzig: Le Nozze di Figaro” Criticks: Online Reviews of the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, 2015.

“Dressing Both Sides: American Masculinity in the Films of Fred Astaire,” M.A. thesis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2013.

Conference Papers

“Defining Impressions: Franz Liszt’s Press Kits and the New German Authorship,” American Musicological Society, Vancouver, November 2016; Internationale Kongress der Gesellschaft für Musikforschung, September 2016

“Zwischen dem Tondichter und dem Schriftsteller: das Selbstverständnis des Liszt’schen Kreis mittels ihrer Programm-Ästhetik,” Invited lecture, Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar, January 2016

“Composing a New German Aesthetic: Labels and Self-Determination among German Critic-Composers within the Program Music Debate” Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music Criticism, Centro Studi Opera Omni Luigi Boccherini, November 2015

“Selling the Sight Unseen: Radical Hierarchies of Sensory Experience in the Controversy over  Franz Liszt’s Hunnenschlacht,” Combined Royal Musical Association and American Musicological Society: Music and Philosophy Study Group Annual Conference, July 2015; “Sight and Sound,” UNC-KCL Joint Graduate Student Conference, May 2015

“Israeli Divas and ‘Modern’ Gender Performativity,” Invited lecture, Shenandoah Conservatory, April 2015

“Pointing Fingers, Invisible Images: The Self-Definition of Programmatic Composers in Germany,” American Musicological Society – Southeast Chapter, February 2015

“Displacing Nostalgia: Medium-Specific Compositional Strategies in Motoi Sakuraba’s Soundtrack for Golden Sun,” Second North American Conference on Video Game Music, January 2015

“Nested Melting Pots: Israel’s Entries for the Eurovision Song Contest and the Politics of International Jewish Identities,” Invited Lecture, Roanoke College, October 2014

“‘Stay Old-Fashioned with Me’: The Construction of Fred Astaire’s Late Films as Musical Fashion Plates,” Technology in Music: Production, Preservation, and Dissemination, UNC-KCL Graduate Student Conference, May 2014

“The Contesting of Faust: Composer Networks and the Status of Program Music in 1850’s Germany,” 18th Biennial International Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music, University of Toronto, June 2014; German Graduate Student Association Conference: ‘Dissonant Discourses? Finding Harmonies in Music and German Studies,’ Vanderbilt University, February 2014

“Borrowed Words with Altered Tones: Wagner’s Critical Appropriations of Weber,” North American Conference on 19th-Century Music, 2013; UNC-Kings College London Conference, May 2013

“Towards a Reasoned Enthusiasm: The Theological Origin of the Gesamtkunstwerk Idea and its Dissemination,” Love to Death: Transforming Opera, Incorporating the Royal Musical Association Annual Conference, 2012

“A Total Work of Misunderstanding: Competing Definitions of the ‘Wagnerian’ Gesamtkunstwerk,” American Musicological Society, Southeast Chapter, Fall 2012

“Musical-Dramatic Symbols and German Romanticism: A New Graphical Model for Opera Analysis,” American Musicological Society, Southern Chapter Conference, 2011

Research Grants for Doctoral Candidates and Young Scientists, Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst
Dissertation Completion Fellowship, UNC-CH Graduate School
Weimar Stipendium, Klassik Stiftung Weimar
Off-Campus Dissertation Fellowship, UNC-CH Graduate School

Teaching Assistant:

  • Music as Culture: The American Musical, 1927-52 (MUSC 286)
  • Beethoven (MUSC 284)
  • Studies in Music History to 1650 (MUSC 251)
  • Introduction to Women and Music (MUSC/WMST 188)
  • Fundamentals of Music (MUSC 121)

Recitation Leader:

  • Musicianship Skills I (MUSC 130)

Instructor of Record:

  • Sounds of War (MUSC 289)