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Graduate Student (5th Year)Kelli Smith-Biwer

Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Kelli received her M.A. in musicology from Michigan State University and B.A. in music education from Eastern Michigan University. She leverages her previous work experience in network engineering to bring together topics of gender equity and music technology. Her current research delves into 1950’s home audio advertisements, with a focus on the construction of gendered buying and listening practices in high fidelity culture. She explores the ways in which masculinity was produced and reproduced in hobbyist magazines, while also highlighting the misogynist images and rhetoric that implicitly excluded women from engaging with audio technology. A vital aspect of Kelli’s work hinges on community engagement and activism. She has led gender inclusive electronic music ensembles and is currently teaching a series of workshops in which UNC undergraduates can learn how to use and assemble home listening technologies.
Office: TBA