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Graduate Student (1st Year)

Joshua HartonJoshua Harton (BA, Belhaven University; MM, University of South Carolina) is a graduate student whose master’s thesis focused on Saint-Saëns, neoclassicism, and the early music renaissance in France, where nationalism and modernism intersected between 1860-1890. Having also written on Byrd’s politically and religiously charged position in Tudor England, Stravinsky’s convenient nationalism in fin-de-siècle Paris, and capitalist co-optation of Beethoven and Orff in North and South Carolina during the Black Lives Matter movement and the COVID-19 pandemic, Joshua enjoys thinking about moments of musical and historical fluidity, particularly as sonic markers for close, sociocultural listening. Similarly, interests in failure—both as a component of privilege (the opportunity to fail) and in its curatorial role (canonicity)—and musical/cultural borrowing are among Joshua’s primary pursuits. Additional research curiosities include but are not limited to: art, economy, games, gender/identity, literature, and religion. Joshua is a Swiss American, was born in NC, and has also studied at Eastern University, SUNY Albany, and UNC-Greensboro.