Graduate Student (2nd Year)

Grace Kweon is a second-year graduate student originally from Incheon, South Korea. After immigrating to the United States, she received a BA in Music and in Biology from Duke University in 2014 and a MM in Musicology from Northwestern University in 2016. Her research centers on the deliberate choices of self-fashioning made by participants of twentieth-century Russian theater and of contemporary Korean pop music. Further interests include the circulation of music and musicians through transnational fandoms, by state-owned media institutions, and within pan-Asian activism.

Conference Papers

“Masquerading Singers: K-Pop Faces and Voices in South Korean Sageuk Dramas,” UNC-KCL 6th Joint Graduate Music Conference, King’s College London, September 2017 

Teaching Assistant: 

  • Introduction to Jazz (MUSC 145)
  • Music Theory I (MUSC 131)
  • Music Theory II (MUSC 132)