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Below are some of the recent accomplishments by current graduate students of the Graduate Program in Musicology. Please do take a moment to read through all of the excellent contributions our students are making to the profession and to their respective fields of research.

Jamie Blake
Dr. Jamie Blake

Jamie Blake successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation, “Architects of Russian America: Transnational Musical Networks in the Early Twentieth Century” (advised by Annegret Fauser).

Melissa Camp received an Off-Campus Dissertation Fellowship from the Graduate School.

Michael Carlson won the AMS-SE Student Paper Prize for his paper “Aquilino Coppini, A New Orpheus: Voicing the Erotic Desires of Mary Magdalen.”

Erica Fedor successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation, “Sounding Statecraft: U.S. Cultural Diplomacy Programs in the Twenty-First Century” (advised by Mark Katz).

ken Ge completed his Master of Arts degree with his thesis, “A Harlem in Every City: The Sonic Geopolitics of Cab Calloway’s Quizzicale, 1941–1942” (advised by David Garcia).

Elias Gross completed his Master of Arts degree with his thesis “‘All for One and One for All’: The Feminist Musical Labor of Aunt Molly Jackson” (advised by Jocelyn Neal). He also played viola on the award-winning album “Pretty Little Cabin: A Quarantine EP” by Lexington, KY musician Vanessa Davis.

Aldwyn Hogg Jr.
Aldwyn Hogg Jr.
(Johnny Andrews/UNC-Chapel Hill)

Aldwyn Hogg, Jr. received a Dissertation Completion Fellowship from the Graduate School. His research was also featured on in December.

Mike Levine successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation, “Lo encontré en el paquete: Reparto Music, Media Piracy, and Cultural Exchange in Cuba’s Offline Internet” (advised by David Garcia), and has been selected as an AMS summer intern, and will be an assistant professor at Wichita State University starting in the fall. Click here to learn more. Levine also won a LASA Award in February for his paper titled, “‘Exchanging Cuba for 1 Million YouTube Views’: Piracy, Virality, and ‘Patria y Vida.’”

Sarah Lindmark completed her Master of Arts degree with her thesis, “The Underwater Sound: Timbre and Beatmaking Process in Hip Hop Production, 1997-2018” (advised by Aaron Harcus).

Briana Nave completed her Master of Arts degree with her thesis, “‘But Now I’m Gonna Move’: Embodiment and Desire in the Rock Criticism of Ellen Willis” (advised by Mark Katz).

Kelli Smith-Biwer
Kelli Smith-Biwer, Arts Everywhere Music Technology Graduate Fellow

Eduardo Sato received the prestigious Howard Mayer Brown Fellowship in support of his dissertation, “Modernist Crossings in Brazilian Music, 1910-1954.”* Eduardo’s research was also featured in endeavors by UNC Research.

*UNC students have now won this award two years in a row. Aldwyn Hogg received it last year. Click here to learn more.

Mary Shannon had her article titled, “Female Agency in the Chanson de Mal Mariée Genre” published in UCLA’s MUSE Undergraduate Research Journal. This is her first published article!

Kelli Smith-Biwer was awarded the inaugural Arts Everywhere Music Technology Graduate Fellow and led the Beat Lab and Electronic Music Club.

Sierriana Terry won an American Dissertation Award from the American Association of University Women.