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Ph.D. Candidate

Amanda Black holds a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Spanish from UNC-Greensboro, and a Master of Arts in Translation Theory from the Universidad de Málaga (2011). After completing one year of the Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance, Amanda’s studies broadened to include Latin American cultural studies and in-depth Spanish language study. She completed her final year of painting study at the Universidad de Guanajuato, in Guanajuato, Mexico, where she continued to play and teach flute and engage in new musical experiences. As an interpreter and translator, she would travel to Honduras, on return trips to Mexico, as well as to Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, and Spain. Translating and editing within a circle of scholars working towards decolonization, Amanda developed a strong interest in the intersection of music, immigration, the control of sonic space, and place. Amanda’s other interests include ethnomusicological methodologies, race and representation, and dance practices.

Conference Papers

“The Rodeo at the Ritz: Evolution of a Space,” IASPM-US, 2014
“‘The Government is Not Our Enemy’ : El Furibundo Serna’s Political Punk en español and the New Colombian Left,” Embracing the Margins, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2015
Katherine Smith Reynolds Scholarship, 2002-2006
Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship, 2010-2011

Teaching Assistant:

  • Fundamentals of Music (MUSC 121)
  • Country Music (MUSC 144)
  • Music History I (MUSC 254)