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UNC Sackbut Ensemble performance with KCL musicians in the KCL chapel.
UNC Sackbut Ensemble perform with the King’s College London Choir in the newly renovated King’s College London chapel. (2019, courtesy of Michael Kris)

UNC-Chapel Hill’s partnership with King’s College London, a research-led public university in the heart of London founded in 1828, exemplifies a commitment to building robust and multi-level global collaborations. In 2005, the UNC-King’s Strategic Alliance was established, initiated by the College of Arts and Sciences at UNC-Chapel Hill and the School of Arts and Humanities and School of Social Science and Public Policy at King’s. The alliance has expanded to become one of the most ambitious partnerships between U.S. and U.K. universities, including longstanding and emerging joint activity in teaching, research and other initiatives in diverse fields.

A vibrant student exchange has taken place since 2002, with more than 900 students participating. Graduate students benefit from short-term visits, student-organized workshops and joint doctoral committees. Individual cooperation by faculty members has grown into broader collaboration including conferences, colloquia, joint research projects and publications.

In music, the King’s College London partnership supports graduate and undergraduate research projects, collaborative seminars, collaborative performances as well as long and short term study abroad. The goal is to create an easy conduit for cross-cultural discussions and projects that enhance our global, outward facing university.

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Joint Graduate Student Music Conference

The Joint Graduate Student Music Conference between the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and King’s College London is an opportunity for graduate students at both institutions to present research and develop professional acquaintances between leading institutions in the United Kingdom and United States. An annual event since 2012, this collaboration grew out of the UNC-King’s Strategic Alliance. Normally, the participants are funded to travel to the host institution, which alternates each year, however the 2020 conference was held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Past themes for the conference have included “Gender, Sexuality, and Affect in Music” (2020), “Music and Care” (2019), and “Music across Public and Private Spheres” (2018). While the conference is typically used as an opportunity for students to present research, contributions have also included performances, panel discussions, and paper workshops.

KCL Joint Music Conference participants on Zoom.
2020 UNC-KCL Conference held via Zoom (Photo credit Justin Frankeny)

UNC Sackbut Ensemble Collaborates with King’s College Choir

March 21, 2019

The UNC Sackbut Ensemble spent Spring Break at King’s College, London to collaborate with the choir for a performance in the newly renovated King’s College Chapel. The joint concert was led by Professors Michael Kris (UNC Music) and Joseph Fort (KCL) and celebrated the recent renovations. … Read more about this collaboration here.

UNC Sackbut Ensemble with KCL Choir
UNC Sackbut Ensemble performs with the King’s College Choir over spring break 2019. (Photo courtesy of Michael Kris)