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The Kenan Graduate Student Activities Fund was established in 2012 thanks to the generosity of the Kenan Trust in recognition of the important work done by students in good standing in the graduate program in musicology and the training they undergo throughout the course of their career at UNC-Chapel Hill.

This fund is administered by the Chair of the Department acting on recommendations made by the Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid Committee. The Committee will give priority to students who have applied for funding from other, non-departmental sources.

Suggested Activities for Kenan Fund Support

The Kenan Fund supports academic activities broadly conceived. We believe the activities listed below carry equal weight in the preparation of our students to succeed in the fields of ethnomusicology, historical musicology, and music theory. The list serves as a guide, and proposals not falling squarely in any one of these categories can still be considered.

  • Support for academic events organized by graduate students will be considered, though evidence of support sought from other internal and/or external sources will weigh heavily in approving these costs
  • Research support will normally be targeted for the completion of a student’s doctoral dissertation, master’s thesis, and/or an article/book chapter
  • Support towards the cost of participating in a conference will normally be targeted for students presenting a paper, though requests from students to attend specialized conferences whether or not she/he is presenting will also be considered
  • Support for students to attend professional development workshops on or off campus will be considered as long as the student makes a compelling case as to how this training benefits her/his preparation to succeed in the field
  • Support for graduate student-faculty collaborative activities to include innovative research activities and scholarly projects
  • Supplementary support for existing departmental-based graduate student programs to include the Library of Congress Pruett Fellowships, Schoenberg Academy in Vienna, and the King’s College partnership

Previous Activities Receiving Kenan Funds

Graduate students supported by the Kenan Fund have presented at the meetings of the five main professional conferences in music studies: the American Musicological Society, International Association for the Study of Popular Music (U.S. Branch), Society for Music Theory, Society for Ethnomusicology, and Society for American Music. Students also presented at conferences focusing on more specialized fields of research including Conney Conference on Jewish Arts, Queer Studies Conference, and Forum on Music and Christian Scholarship. Other students presented at the International Musicological Society Congress in Rome, Italy; the Massenet and the Mediterranean World symposium in Lucca, Italy; “Reassessing The Rite: Part II,” a parallel conference to the “Rite of Spring at 100” in Moscow, Russia; UNC/Kings College Graduate Student Conference in London, England; and Society for Dance History Scholars Conference in Trondheim, Norway. For many students, these presentations were their first at a national and international conference.

Graduate students’ dissertation research activities have also been supported through this fund. Research trips were made to the American Federation of Musicians’ Union in Birmingham, Alabama; Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris; Brooklyn Academy of Music; Library of Congress; Louis B. Mayer Library at the American Film Institute and the Paramount Collection and Margaret Herrick Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles; New York Public Library; Passion Conference in Atlanta; Paul Sacher Foundation in Basil, Switzerland; Princeton University; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum Library and Archives in Cleveland; San Francisco Opera; the State Archives and State and City Library in Augsburg, Germany; and the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Finally, students have been supported in organizing a lecture featuring Professor Judith Tick, Matthews Distinguished University Professor of Music at Northeastern University, and the Aaron Copland Symposium which will feature the leading scholars in Copland music and historical significance.

For more information, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, David Garcia.