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Undergraduate students will first encounter music history in MUSC 120 (“Thinking Musically”), which is required of all music majors and minors. Music majors then continue with a two-semester survey of Western Music history (MUSC 254 and 255), followed by a seminar-style course on a more specialized topic (MUSC 355). The Music Department offers many advanced-level electives in this area as well; see the Catalog for a full listing.

Non-music majors may choose from a variety of course offerings geared toward general students. These courses do not assume the ability to read musical notation and include:

MUSC 141 (Survey of Western Music History)

MUSC 142 (Great Musical Works)

MUSC 143 (Introduction to Rock Music)

MUSC 144 (Introduction to Country Music)

MUSC 145 (Introduction to Jazz)

MUSC 188 / WMST 188 (Introduction to Women and Music)

MUSC 251 (Medieval and Early Modern Music)

MUSC 280 (Jazz Innovators)

MUSC 281 (Popular Song in American Culture)

MUSC 282 (Bach and Handel)

MUSC 283 (Haydn and Mozart)

MUSC 284 (Beethoven and His Era)

MUSC 285 (Musical Modernism)

MUSC 287 (Opera as Drama)

MUSC 288 (The Orchestra and Its Music)

MUSC 289 / PWAD 289 (Sounds of War and Revolution)

MUSC 291 (Music and Politics)