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A concentration in music education is one of several possible options within the Bachelor of Music degree program. Students can begin their concentration in music education as early as their sophomore year, especially if they plan a study abroad experience. They may also begin as late as fall of their senior year if they selected the music major as a first-year, followed the ordinary course sequence, and have the option of summer study between their junior and senior years (see note about advising below). Beyond the core courses that comprise the Bachelor of Music degree program, students who plan to apply for admission to the School of Education should include the following courses among their electives:

  • MUSC 168: Basic Conducting (3 hrs., offered fall semester only) (Tonu Kalam, TR 11:00-12:15, instructor consent required)
  • MUSC 226: Woodwind, brass and string techniques (3 hrs., offered spring semester only) 
  • MUSC 227: Piano, voice, and general music techniques (3 hrs., offered spring semester only)
  • MUSC 228: Principles of Teaching Music (3 hrs., offered fall semester only)
  • MUSC 309: Advanced conducting: instrumental/orchestral or choral (3 hrs., offered fall only)

In addition, we strongly recommend that you have the following experiences or take the following courses: