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alterity e-zine

This is an e-zine, not a zine. Obviously. We are a group of graduate students at the UNC Chapel Hill Music Department. We are simultaneously spoon-fed and shamelessly tortured by the establishment. We have listened too long to the shouts and cries of our fellow students, and we are here to take a stand against this university’s racist history. We’re also sick of the ongoing racism in our discipline of musicology, music theory, and ethnomusicology. We stand with scholars who are also fighting back against the established canon and existing values in our discipline, even though we realize we recognize our own privilege as White scholars. We recognize, though, that while we are fighting for these values, we are also investing in the very institution we are determined to upend. This e-zine, however, is our attempt at starting the conversation for how we can begin to rewrite and rethink concepts established by the discipline of musicology.

~Team e-zine (Melissa Camp, Elias Gross, Sarah Lindmark)

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