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Thank you for your interest in using the music department practice rooms! Please complete the following form carefully. If there are no issues, your access should begin within 3 business days after completion.

All students using department spaces are required to comply with the most current COVID-19 safety guidelines as laid out by the department at and by the university at
Agreement to abide the COVID-19 Safety Guidelines(Required)

Practice Room Policies

1. Practice rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

2. Before beginning your practice session, please use the wipes and sanitizer to wipe down the piano, door handle, light switch, and other high-touch surfaces.

3. When finished practicing, please wipe down all surfaces again.

Agreement to abide by the practice room policies(Required)

Practice Room Fee

Use of music department practice rooms by non-music students is billed through the music department registrar at $70 per semester.

Billing Consent(Required)