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For eight Fridays this past semester we highlighted the work of our faculty! Through short interviews, we learned more about their teaching, upcoming courses, and got to know them better. Take a look back at this series via the links below.

Faculty Features Recap collage of all eight series graphics

Week One

Featuring Professors Stephen Anderson, Laura Byrne, Nicholas DiEugenio, Aaron Harcus, and Donald Oehler.

Week Two

Featuring Professors Juan Álamo, Evan Feldman, Tatiana Hargreaves, Mark Katz, and Jackie Wolborsky.

Week Three

Featuring Professors Mark Evan Bonds, Daniel Huff, LaToya Lain, Ken Weiss, Brent Wissick, and Clara Yang.

Week Four

Featuring Professors Michael Figueroa, Jason Foureman, Jeffrey Fuchs, Susan Klebanow, and Hank Smith.

Week Five

Featuring Professors David Garcia, Michael Kris, Susan Moeser, Mimi Solomon, Timothy Sparks, and William Stewart.

Week Six

Featuring Professors Laura Alexander, Rahsaan Barber, Marc Callahan, Annegret Fauser, Samuel Gold, and Lee Weisert.

Week Seven

Featuring Professors Robert Buxton, Jeanne Fischer, Russell Johnson, Tonu Kalam, and Jocelyn Neal.

Week Eight

Featuring Professors Allen Anderson, Andrea Bohlman, Erin Cooper, Dan Davis, and Tim Hudson.

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