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Jay HarperToday we get to know Jay Harper, media technician for the music department!

Jay is the newest staff member of the department, having just started in October 2019. However, he was with the communication department before moving to our department so he’s very familiar with Carolina! Before moving to North Carolina, Jay and his wife had a long-distance marriage. He was in Colorado and she was here. In late 2015, they decided it was time for him to join her here in NC. This makes perfect sense because as he put it, “My wife and three children are my world. My kids are 20, 17, and 16.”

You can find Jay in his office in Kenan Music Building, Room 1212. Most often though, he’s out and about making rounds or assisting someone as his role within the department varies from facilities management, security, and faculty support. Still, he says, “If I’m not in my office, I’ll not be far away. Simply call me office number (919-843-7915). It is forwarded to my cell phone during the day.”

Jay at Backbone consoleSince the pandemic, Jay’s job has been more of a technical role for the department as we navigate this uncharted terrain.

“I’m currently, working alongside Jesse handling video and audio needs. To ensure things run as smooth as possible, I also get to work alongside my other colleagues. I’m thankful to be part of a fantastic team.”

Jay jams out on the drums.Jay was drawn to working for the music department because of his long-held love for music. Jay said,

“Growing up in my grandfather’s music store, music has always been a part of my life. My undergraduate degree is in Music. I’ve spent my entire career in the music and entertainment industry.”

Jay plays a few instruments, but behind a drum kit is where he’s most comfortable.

“I also enjoy playing lots of other percussion instruments. The vibraphone is my favorite instrument. In my career, I’ve also played ukelele, guitar, bass guitar, tuba, and saxophone.”

Outside of work, and aside from spending time with his wife and kids, Jay really enjoys exploring. Most often, in the form of hiking.

A fun fact about Jay is he and his wife actually met in high school, although they never dated then. They went to a performing arts school in San Diego and performed in a lot of the same groups.

“I’m grateful we still get to make music together,” Jay noted.

The Harpers

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