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MUSC 286: Music of Frank Ocean

Professor Michael A. Figueroa
Maymester Course, M-F | 11:30 am – 2:45 pm

Focusing on the music of Frank Ocean, this course aims to develop students’ critical listening skills through close examination of Ocean’s artistic output, while exploring a number of cultural issues through a variety of course materials. These will include academic readings drawn from musicology, cultural studies, critical race theory, and queer studies, along with alternative media forms, such as podcasts, zines, radio shows, and interviews.

The course will involve close listening techniques; scholarship on race, gender, and sexuality; and instruction in media production. The term will be capped off with creative multimedia projects. Professor Figueroa welcomes students from a diverse array of academic, artistic, and cultural backgrounds.

MUSC 286 has no pre-requisites and fulfills the Visual and Performing Arts (VP) general education requirement. Upon successful completion, this course provides 3 credit hours towards graduation.

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