Department of Music

MUSC/WGST 188: Women in Music

Professor Annegret Fauser

Throughout the world, women were and are active as composers, performers, publishers, patrons, priestesses, composition and instrumental teachers, concertgoers, concert organizers, musicologists, and amateur musicians. Theirs is a rich and diverse contribution to musical culture
in societies across the globe. Yet, their career possibilities and public perception were different from their male counterparts—in their times and today. Discourses differ according to gender, sexuality, and race, and women themselves often engage consciously with horizons of expectation when locating themselves within the worlds of music. Studying women across all genres, examing civil rights issues for women, and exploring the relationships between identity, intersectionality, and music, this course offers an introduction into the musical worlds of women across the world and across history.

This course is an interdisciplinary course that draws both on music history and Women’s and Gender Studies. It is counts for 3 credits and fulfills the Visual and Performing Arts (VP), Global Issues (GL), and North Atlantic World (NA) General Education requirements.

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