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MUSC 124: Diction for Singers II, French

French Diction

For the craft of singing, one of the most important aspects, secondary only to consistent vocal technique, is the ability to produce vernacular language sounds. Since singing is a powerful communicative art, it is paramount that a singer gives the perception of fluency in every language performed in public.

Lecturer Tim Sparks

Taught by Lecturer Time Sparks, this course will begin the lifelong journey into the world of singer’s diction by introducing the tools necessary to produce vernacular sound in one of the greatest poetic languages within 18th and 19th century Romanticism and Impressionism, as well as modern Symbolism: French.

Limited to linguistic study alone, diction can seemingly be an intricate discipline that seems far removed from actual artistic endeavors. This course will challenge you to develop a synthesis of speech articulation along with an immediate dramatic meaning. Therefore, precise diction is the first of many layers that constitute effective communication.

MUSC 123 Diction for Singers I, English/Italian is a prerequisite for the course and is where singers will learn the basics of the International Phonetic Alphabet.

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