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by Catherine Zachary

Lucas Meachem may be a big star, but he also has a big heart and loves reaching out his fans – especially the up and coming young singers. Even with his busy schedule of

Photo by Simon Pauly

performance, Meachem manages to maintain The Baritone Blog, where he gives advice to young singers and gives them a peek backstage at the daily life of an opera singer. One of our favorites of his recent posts is from December 5, “The Biggest Mistakes Young Artists Make”. In it, Meachem says that

the biggest mistake Young Artists make is not talking to guest artists.

These are the artists who come to town for a production for 1-2 months and are out there doing what Young Artists want to hopefully do, too. There‚Äôs a possibility for some solid learning from these artists as well as network building.”

Sound advice for young singers everywhere! Stand up, be heard, and take advantage of the fount of knowledge that this artist has – more than likely, they want to get to know you too!

To read the rest of “The Biggest Mistakes Young Artists Make” and to read other posts from The Baritone Blog, click here.

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