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Our Course of the Week is MUSC 131: Music Theory 1!

Music Theory I is the jumping off point for almost all of our music majors and minors into the world of melody, counterpoint, rhythm, meter, notation, aural skills training, and all things theory! Only offered in the spring semester, MUSC 131 is always a packed classroom of over 100 students. But don’t let the size fool you, this class is interactive, participatory, and Professor Jocelyn Neal will get you thinking about and hearing music differently than you ever have before. Ever wondered why a certain piece of music makes you feel sad or happy or pumped up? There’s a lot of music theory to help explain why!

MUSC 131; Music Theory I counts as  3 credits towards graduation and fulfills both a Visual & Performing Arts (VP) and a Qualitative Intensive (QI) general education requirement. Enrollment is subject to a placement test, known as the Music Theory Diagnostic Exam (see a sample exam here).

Looking to major or minor in music? Be sure to register for MUSC 131!

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