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MUSC/WGST 248: Women in Opera

Maria Callas as Norma
Maria Callas as Norma Photo Credit: Vanilafeel – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0
Annegret Fauser
Distinguished Professor of Music, Annegret Fauser













Operas—from Georges Bizet’s Carmen to George and Ira Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess—are multimedia spectacles to which women have contributed both onstage and behind the scenes as singers and dancers, composers and librettists, stage directors and choreographers, designers and impresarios. Casting the net wide also to include opera in film and cartoons as well as cross-overs to the musical stage, this course explores not only women’s changing roles and influence in the history of opera, but also how operas, films, and other media shaped and reflected socio-political constructions of “woman.”

Taught by Distinguished Professor Annegret Fauser this course earns 3 credit hours towards graduation and is counts for both Music credit as well as a Women and Gender Studies credit.

Renee Fleming as Rusalka
Renee Fleming as Rusalka at the Metropolitan Opera. Photo Credit: Bengt Nyman – Flickr: DSC_4222 RUSALKA at the METROPOLITAN OPERA in New York, CC BY 2.0
Anna Netrebko
Anna Netrebko, soprano, in concert.
Photo Credit: Simon Wedege Petersen

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