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The National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Student Auditions occur annually all over the country, beginning with Chapter Auditions at the local level. After Chapter Auditions the qualifying singers proceed to the Regional Auditions. In 2014, the first National Auditions were held during the NATS National Conference. The National Auditions include both a semifinal and final round of auditions. This year UNC Voice was proud to have three students qualify for and participate in the National Auditions, held this summer at the NATS National Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Faith Jones, Kristen Marion, and Susannah Stewart were among almost 200 singers from around the country competing in the auditions. Faith Jones, rising junior and student of Marc Callahan & Jeanine Wagner, competed in the Lower College Music Theater Women and Hall Johnson Spirituals categories as a semifinalist. Kristen Marion, 2018 graduate and student of Timothy Sparks, competed as a semifinalist in the Upper College Music Theater Women category. Susannah Stewart, rising senior, Kenan Music Scholar, and student of Jeanne Fischer, competed in the Upper College/Independent Studio Classical Women category, advancing from the semifinal round to the finals and winning first place. Congratulations to each singer and their teachers!

Susannah Stewart NATS 2018
Susannah Stewart after the final round of NATS National Student Auditions in Las Vegas, NV.





“NATS has been a large part of my development as a singer, providing me with much more audition experience and a greater familiarity with voice teachers across the United States. I have been participating in these competitions for many years, winning many awards at the state and regional level, and attending the national level three times. What an honor to have won first place this year!”
-Susannah Stewart, class of 2019








Faith Jones NATS 2018
Faith Jones at the NATS National Student Auditions in Las Vegas, NV.




“In my first year ever doing NATS, I was incredibly honored to make it to National Semifinals for two categories. Being in Las Vegas was a real learning experience for me as I got to meet new people with similar passions and gain more audition experience – one that earned me a callback with a major cruise line! I hope more students will be able to be supported by UNC Music to have this valuable experience in the future.”
-Faith Jones, class of 2020

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