The Kenan Music Building is located on Columbia St. between Franklin and Cameron Ave. next to the Hanes Art Building (Google Campus Map).  Granville Towers is located in the quadrant across Columbia Avenue.

Parking is usually available to the public in the Swain lot directly behind the KMB after 5pm, when it becomes paid hourly parking.  There are a few different options for parking as listed below:

Granville Towers: (125 West Franklin Street)
ccess from Franklin St. behind University Square shopping center)
Those who are staying in the dorms will each receive 1 free parking pass at check in that they can keep in their vehicle throughout the week.  If these passes are not needed throughout the week, the participant’s family may pick up the parking passes at check-out from the workshop counselors on Friday, June 23, 2017 for free parking during the final student concert.

Granville also usually has 50 spaces available for commuters for a fee of $5/day ($25/5 days).  These commuters can pay by check directly to “Granville Towers” on Monday, June 19, 2017 at the East Tower front desk before classes begin for the day.

Parking Garage at 150 E. Rosemary Street: Participants may opt to park in the parking garage on Rosemary Street as listed on the map below for hourly rates at $1/hr.  This garage has no daily rates.  For those families who will only need parking during the final concert, this may be a suitable option.

Parking is not available to the public  in the Swain lot directly behind the KMB until after 5pm when it becomes a paid lot.  The red arrows show the location of the Department of Music buildings; the yellow shows the entrance to the Swain lot that is open to the public (most days) after 5pm.